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Advanced Networking Training Course Content Details

What is Advanced Networking

Advanced Layer three Services deliver a specialised analysis and education community network answer. Designed specifically for his or her distinctive wants and optimized for the foremost tightened, high performance peak-plus-potential network traffic – this service delivers a extremely reliable, globally interconnected cloth.
Advanced Network (ANS) was a u. s. non-profit organization shaped in Sept 1990 by the NSFNET partners (Merit Network, IBM, and MCI) to run the network infrastructure for the before long to be upgraded NSFNET Backbone Service.Adavanced Networking training in hyderabad kukatpally

Advanced Layer two Services offer scalable and versatile world access to Associate in Nursing open exchange network wherever members will support the foremost tightened data-intensive science or production applications by building short or long-run Layer two circuits between endpoints on the Internet2 Network and on the far side.
Advanced Layer one Services offer a extremely specialised and cost-efficient toolkit to make a custom, high-capacity network on the foremost advanced analysis collaboration platform within the world. for more info click here.

Advanced Networking Course Content


  • The development of networking
  • The architecture today
  • Communication models
  • OSI Overview
  • TCP/IP Overview
  • Communication protocol overview
  • Bridging and Switching Overview
  • Virtual Private Networks Overview
  • LAN Protocol Review
  • WAN Protocol Review

02. Concepts

  • Overview
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Bridging Techniques
  • IEEE 802.1Q and 802.1p
  • Layer 2 Switching Overview
  • Store-and-Forward vs. Cut Through
  • Multi-link Trunking
  • Layer 3 Switching Theory
  • Packet-by-Packet vs. Cut Through
  • Implementations
  • History of Virtual LANs
  • Types of VLANs
  • Multiple Switches and VLANs
  • ATM Switching Overview
  • PVC and SVC

03.TCP/IP Protocol Overview

  • Over of IP Addressing
  • Architecture
  • Class of Address
  • Example of Addressing
  • Special Addresses
  • Addressing and Networks
  • Introduction to Subnetting
  • Simple Subnets
  • Complex subnets
  • Variable Length Subnets
  • IP Addressing Design

04.IP Routing

  • Define Routing
  • The Need to Route
  • Operation of a Router
  • Example network
  • Types of Routing
  • Types of Routes
  • RIP
  • RIP2
  • OSPF
  • OSPF2
  • IGRP
  • E-IGRP

05.IP Multicasting

  • Overview
  • Applications of IP Multicast
  • IP Multicast Protocols
  • Distance Vector Multicast Routing

06.Protocol Overview

  • Operation and Details
  • Protocol Independent Manager
  • Operation and Details

07.Multi-Protocol Label Switching

  • Overview
  • Routing vs. Switching
  • Concepts of MPLS
  • Applications of MPLS
  • Label Distribution Protocols
  • Traffic Extension for Routing
  • Constraint-Based Routed LDP

08. Resource Reservation Protocol –TE

  • Conclusion
  • Case Study

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