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AIX Administration Training Course Content Details

What is Aix Admin

AIX (Advanced Interactive govt, pronounced may be a series of proprietary UNIX system|operating system|OS} operating systems developed and sold-out by IBM for many of its laptop platforms. Originally discharged for the IBM 6150 reduced instruction set computing digital computer, Aix currently supports or has supported a largesort of hardware platforms, as well as the IBM RS/6000 series and later POWER and PowerPC-based systems, IBM System i, System/370 mainframes, PS/2 personal computers, and therefore the
AIX is predicated on UNIX V with four.3BSD-compatible extensions. it’s one in every of 5 industrial operative systems that have versions certified to The Open Group’s UNIX system 03 customary (the others being macOS, Solaris, Inspur K-UX and HP-UX).Aix Admin Training in hyderabad kukatpally

The Aix family of operative systems debuted in 1986, became the quality package for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990, and continues to be actively developed by IBM. it’s presently supported on IBM Power Systems aboard IBM i and UNIX operating system For more info click here

AIX Admin Course Content

01.System Administration Concepts

  • Lecture objectives
  • Who is the system administrator?
  • What does the system administrator do?
  • What a system administrator must know
  • Using the root login id
  • Aix configuration files
  • System security
  • Lecture summar

02.The System Management Interface Tool

  • Lecture objectives
  • Unix system management — the old way
  • Aix system management
  • The philosophy — “smit happens”
  • High level commands
  • Smit tasks
  • Smit screens
  • Smit screen symbols
  • Smit function keys
  • The log and script files
  • The smit graphical user interface
  • Executing smit
  • Lecture summary

    03.Managing AIX User Accounts and Groups

  • Objectives
  • Lecture objectives
  • Attributes of a user accounts
  • Managing aix groups
  • Passwords

04.Managing AIX User Accounts and Groups (Cont’d)

  • Aix user and group management files
  • The /etc/passwd file
  • The /etc/security/passwd file
  • The /etc/group file
  • The /etc/security/group file
  • Group administrators
  • The /etc/security/user file
  • The /etc/security/limits file
  • The /etc/security/login.cfg file
  • User management tasks
  • Adding a new user
  • The /usr/lib/security/user.default file
  • Removing a user
  • Adding a group
  • Setting port attributes
  • User services
  • Lecture summary

05.AIX Device Management

  • Lecture objectives
  • Aix devices
  • Aix device management strategy
  • Device management tasks
  • The configuration manager (/etc/cfgmgr)
  • The object data manager
  • Methods and device states
  • A word about scsi devices
  • Device management through smit
  • Adding devices
  • Removing a device
  • Changing a device
  • Device management commands
  • Lecture summary

    06. The AIX Queueing System

  • Lecture objectives
  • Queueing system concepts
  • Queue configurations
  • Components of the aix queueing system
  • The qdaemon program
  • The /etc/qconfig file
  • Backend programs
  • Adding a printer and queue
  • Managing queues
  • Queueing system files
  • Correcting a configuration problem
  • Using the queueing system
  • Specifying the destination queue and printer
  • Creating a batch queue
  • Configuring a print server
  • Configuring a print client
  • Working with virtual printers
  • Lecture summary
  • Additional information

07. AIX Backup and Restore

  • Lecture objectives
  • The aix boot process
  • The configuration manager
  • Run levelsThe /etc/inittab file
  • Start-up shell scripts
  • The /sbin/rc.boot file
  • Changing run levels
  • The init command
  • Halting the system
  • The shutdown command
  • Lecture summary

08. Basic AIX Problem Determination

  • Lecture objectives
  • Aix problem determination
  • The operator panel
  • The aix boot process
  • Potential boot problems
  • The problem solving guide
  • Booting the system in service mode
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • The error log
  • Error reports
  • Cleaning the error log
  • System dumps
  • Lecture summary

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