AngularJS 2.0 Online Training – Angularjs 1.0 Training Online

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AngularJS 2.0 Online Training

What is Angular 2.0

Learn AngularJS a pair of, the second edition of the JavaScript framework. Ground up by Google, AngularJS a pair of provides advancedAngularJS a pair of.0 on-line coaching options for building single-page applications: declarative templates, two-way knowledge binding, matter support, and dependency injection. And rather than the controllers typical of MVC design, AngularJS a pair of currently offers parts. it is a nice update, appropriate for mobile and net developers alike.

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 Angular 2.0 Course Content

    1. The Development Environment

      ✓ NodeJS
      ✓ NPM
      ✓ Webpack
      ✓ Project structure
      ✓ Setting the IDE for Angular 2 development

    2. TypeScript Primer

      ✓ JavaScript 2015 module system (ES6 Import / Export)
      ✓ Classes and Interfaces
      ✓ Arrow functions and Template strings
      ✓ Working with types
      ✓ Decorators

    3. Architecture and concepts

      ✓ Component definition
      ✓ Breaking a design into components
      ✓ Components types
      ✓ Best practices and the design process

    4. Components Deep Dive

      ✓ The bootstrapping process
      ✓ Building a basic component
      ✓ Shadow DOM
      ✓ Templates and Styles
      ✓ The Component class
      ✓ Data bindings and Template syntax
      ✓ Angular core directives

  1. Component Composition

    ✓ Components types review
    ✓ Data projection, building a Wrapper component
    ✓ Component inputs Working with properties
    ✓ Component outputs Creating custom events
    ✓ Components communication using local variables
    ✓ Best practices

  2. Providers & DI

    ✓ Understanding the role of the Provider
    ✓ Creating and using a class provider
    ✓ Other types of providers
    ✓ Understanding the dependencies injectors hierarchy
    ✓ Common patterns and best practices
    ✓ Angular builtin providers

  3. Angular Router

    ✓ Configuring a simple route
    ✓ Route parameters
    ✓ Defining nested routes
    ✓ Route guards

  4. Angular Forms

    ✓ Configuring the forms module
    ✓ Using ngModel
    ✓ Template driven forms
    ✓ Model driven forms
    ✓ Form builder

  5. Data Architecture

    ✓ Layer style architecture with providers
    ✓ Stateless, event based architecture with Redux .

  6. Angular cli

    ✓ Overview and concepts
    ✓ Project generation and basic commands
    ✓ Practical usage

  7. Unit test

    ✓ Introduction to Jasmine
    ✓ Setting up testing in Angular 2
    ✓ Unit Testing recipes

For AngularJS 2.0 Online Training Contact

Venkat :9059868766
email:[email protected]
Address: PlotNo 126/c,2nd floor,Street Number 4, Addagutta Society, Jal Vayu Vihar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085

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  1. How much the. Fees

    1. Hi ,Harish
      Course Fees: 15000
      Mod Of Training: Online and Classroom Training in Pune
      Faculty:15Years Exp in software Development and Corporate Trainer
      Call Me :9059868766

  2. hi can u provide placements also

    1. Yes. we provide placements and programming support also

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