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Building Automation System Training Course Content Details

What is Building Automation System

Building automation is that the automatic centralized management of a building’s heating, ventilation and air con, lighting and different systems through a building management system or building automation system (BAS). The objectives of building automation square measure improved denizen comfort, economical operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and operative prices, and improved life cycle of utilities.building automation system training course content sivaitsoft

Building automation is Associate in Nursing example of a distributed systemthe pc networking of electronic devices designed to observe and management the mechanical, security, hearth and flood safety, lighting (especially emergency lighting), HVAC and wetness management and ventilation systems during a building.

BAS core practicality keeps building climate at intervals a such as vary, provides light-weight to rooms supportedAssociate in Nursing occupancy schedule (in the absence of raw switches to the contrary), monitors performance and device failures all told systems, and provides malfunction alarms to putting together staff. A BAS ought toscale back building energy and maintenance prices compared to a non-controlled building. Most industrial, institutional, and industrial buildings engineered once 2000 embrace a BAS. several older buildings are retrofitted with a brand new BAS, generally supported through energy and insurance savings, and different savings related to pre-emptive maintenance and fault detection. for more info click here.

Building Automation System Course Content

01.System functions

  • Desigo – the innovative system for highest efficiency and safety in the building
  • Desigo system topology
  • System functions for building automation
  • Trend and history function
  • Event management
  • Schedulers/calendar
  • Access rights
  • Monitoring functions
  • Communication – network

02. Management functions

  • Desigo CC
  • Desigo Insight
  • Informationsmanagement

03. Automation controls

  • Automation stations
  • Operator units
  • Desigo TX-I/O

04.Room automation

  • Desigo TRA
  • Desigo RX
  • Room operator units
  • Service unit

05. Standard controllers

  • Communicating HVAC controllers – Synco 700
  • Software and central communication units

06. Room automation Synco

  • Communicating controllers – RXL (Bus)
  • Communicating controllers – RXB (KNX)
  • Communicating room thermostats
  • Central control unit RMB..
  • Room operator units
  • Damper actuator (KNX)
  • KNX accessories

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