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Cloud Computing Training Course Content Details

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may be a style of Internet-based computing that has shared pc process resources and knowledge to computers and different devices on demand. it’s a model for sanctioning omnipresent, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., pc networks, servers, storage, applications and services),which can be speedily provisioned and free with borderline management effort. Cloud computing and storage solutions offer users and enterprises with varied capabilities to store and method their knowledge in either in camera in hand, or third-party knowledge centers that will be settled removed from the user–ranging in distance from across a town to across the planet. Cloud computing depends on sharing of resources to attain coherence and economy of scale, just like a utility (like the electricity grid) over associate electricity network

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Advocates claim that cloud computing permits corporations to avoid up-front infrastructure prices (e.g., buying servers). As well, it allows organizations to specialise in their core businesses rather than disbursement time and cash on pc infrastructure. Proponents additionally claim that cloud computing permits enterprises to induce their applications up and running quicker, with improved tractableness and fewer maintenance, and allows data technology (IT) groups to faster modify resources to fulfill unsteady and unpredictable business demand. Cloud suppliers generally use a “pay as you go” model. this can cause unexpectedly high charges if directors don’t adapt to the cloud evaluation model. for more info click here.

Cloud Computing Course Content

01.Cloud Computing

  • What is cloud computing
  • Key aspects of cc
  • Benefits of cc
  • Cloud system
  • Services offered by cc
  • Old IT infrastructure vs. cloud
  • Web 1.0 to 4.0
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

02.CRM Introduction

  • What is CRM
  • Purpose of CRM
  • Benefits of CRM
  • CRM metrics
  • CRM technologies
  • Channels
  • Customer
  • Why towards CRM
  • and other CR products

03.Salesforce Introduction

  • what is salesforce
  • salesforce Terminologies
  • logging into Salesforce
  • Salesforce user creation
  • Salesforce navigation term – Home page

04.Warehouse App

  • Create Warehouse App
  • Custom Objects
  • Custom fields
  • Create records
  • Field types (DT)
  • Tabs


  • Master-Detail
  • Lookup
  • Record Format

06.Formulas & Validation

  • Formula
  • Roll Up Summary
  • Improve Validation Rule


  • What is workflow
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Rule Criteria
  •  Workflow Actions
  • Formula
  • Testing Workflow

08.Administration Basics

  • Company Profile
  • Company Information
  • Local Settings
  • Currencies
  • Custom Profile
  • Viewing Profile

09.Profile & User

  • Custom Profile
  • Custom Tab settings
  • Create User


  • Create Email Template
  • Create Approval Process
  • Criteria
  • Approver
  • Submission Actions
  • Field Value

11.Reports & Dashboards

  • Report Builder
  • Tabular Report
  • Summary Report
  • Matrix Report
  • Create Dashboard
  • Field Value

12.Data Models

  • Introduction
  • Ways to get data into DM
  • Importing
  • Data Loader
  • Integration
  • Web-to-lead


  • UI Technologies
  • VF Page
  • VF Architected
  • Benefits of VF
  • VF Inline Editor

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