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CNC Programming Training Course Content Details

What is CNC Programming

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) programming is employed by makers to instruct machines in manufacturingcomponents. browse on to be told however CNC programming works and to search out out the steps you would possibly desire become a CNC applied scientist. colleges providing Machining & producing degrees may be found in these widespread decisions.CNC programming training in hyderabad
CNC programmers write the directions for the computing module that’s accustomed run CNC machines. The machines square measure accustomed form and cut exactness product like machine, car, and aviation components. The programmers plot out every step of however machines build these components. They convert that info into a kind that is usable to the machine.
Once a CNC set-up operator downloads the program onto a machine and tests it, any necessary modifications and enhancements square measure created. in step with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), CNC programming could also be performed by CNC programmers or in some corporations, by machine operators. These professionals will usually keep a watch on the assembly method thus on intervene if any changes got to be created to the program. for more info click here

CNC Programming Course Content

01.Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

  • Numerical control
  • Functions of a machine tool
  • Concept of numerical control
  • Historical Development
  • Definition
  • Advantages of CNC machine tools
  • Evolution of CNC

02.Blue print reading

  • Reading the machining sketches
  • Different Geometrical Tolerance symbols.
  • Reading Dimensional Tolerances.
  • Understanding the Views.
  • Concept of First angle & Third angle projection.

03.Auto CAD basic (ACAD-01)

  • Sketching Points line, Circles & Arcs.
  • Simple exercises based on above.
  • Isometric Views.
  • Splines & poly lines
  • Identifying the points in given drawing.

04.Conventional milling Awareness

  • Introduction to milling machine & its parts.
  • Different operations of milling.
  • Plain milling
  • Step milling
  • Slot malling
  • Pocket milling
  • Co-ordinate drilling
  • Job setting in vice by dialing
  • Job setting on bed with clamps

05.CNC Milling- Basic

  • Fundamentals of CNC milling
  • Familiarization of control panel
  • Fundamentals of CNC programming
  • Part programming techniques
  • Machining practice on CNC Milling
  • Practice session at Industry

06. CNC Turning.

  • Work piece setting methods
  • Tool setting methods
  • Practice on CNC Turning.
  • Exercises on machine & Practice.

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