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Computer Networking Training Course Content Details

What is Computer Networking

A electronic network or knowledge network may be a telecommunications network that permits nodes to share resources. In pc networks, networked computing devices exchange knowledge with one another employing acircuit. The connections between nodes ar established exploitation either cable media or wireless media.

Network pc devices that originate, route and terminate the information ar referred to as network nodes. Nodes willembrace hosts like personal computers, phones, servers furthermore as networking hardware. 2 such devices will be aforesaid to be networked along once one device is ready to exchange data with the opposite device, whether or not or not they need an on the spot affiliation to every alternative. In most cases, application-specific communications protocols ar stratified (i.e. carried as payload) over alternative a lot of general communications protocols. This formidable assortment of knowledge technology needs ball-hawking network management to stay it all running faithfully.computing networking training in hyderabad kukatpally

Computer networks support a huge range of applications and services like access to the planet Wide internet, digital video, digital audio, shared use of application and storage servers, printers, and fax machines, and use of email and instant electronic communication applications furthermore as several others. pc networks disagree within the transmission medium wont to carry their signals, communications protocols to arrange network traffic, the network’s size, topology and structure intent. The known electronic network is that the netfor more info click here.

Computer Networking Course Content

01.Introduction about Computer

  • Basics of computer
  • Organization of computer.
  • Software and hardware.
  • Input/output devices.

2. Basic networking concepts,

  • Network topologies
  • Networking Model
  • The OSI model
  • TCP/ IP Model
  • Network adapters.
  • Introducing protocols.
  • Cabling and troubleshooting.

03. Introduction to various networking devices:

  • Routers.
  • Switches.
  • Modems.
  • Hubs etc.
  • Wired and Wireless technology.

04. Inside the PC:

  • Opening the PC and identification.
  • Study of different blocks,
  • Assembling and disassembling.

05. Network basic and configuration:

  • Setting IP addresses,
  • Sharing files and folders.
  • Network troubleshooting.
  • PING test, ipconfig etc.

06. Introduction to servers and network security

  • Types of servers:
  • Files servers,
  • Email Servers,
  • Proxy servers etc

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