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Database Testing Training Course Content Details

What is Database Testing

Database testing more often than not comprises of a layered procedure, including the (UI) layer, the business layer, the information get to layer and the database itself. The UI layer manages the interface outline of the database, while the business layer incorporates databases supporting business techniques.

Databases, the gathering of interconnected records on a server, putting away data, may not manage a similar sort of information, i.e. databases might be heterogeneous. Therefore, numerous sorts of execution and joining mistakes may happen in vast database frameworks, which adversely influence the framework’s execution, unwavering quality, consistency and security. In this manner, it is imperative to test keeping in mind the end goal to get a database framework which fulfills the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) of a database administration framework.

A standout amongst the most basic layers is the information get to layer, which manages databases straightforwardly amid the correspondence procedure. Database testing mostly happens at this layer and includes testing procedures, for example, quality control and quality affirmation of the item databases. Testing at these distinctive layers is often used to keep up consistency of database frameworksDatabase testing training in hyderabad kukatpally

Database Testing is one of the significant test necessities if there should arise an occurrence of backend testing. Testing information dwelling in database requires particular ability set to test appropriately. This course presents the participants about essential database ideas, objects which are accessible in a database, SQL Queries, and diverse sorts of database testing. This course will assist database analyzers with gaining a decent information about Database Testing ideas. At last it fills the crevice in the middle of the preparation projects and constant tasks. for more info click here

Database Testing Course Content


  • The Database Component: What is a Database Application?
  • Testing at the Database laye
    Why should Test professionals know DB Basics
  • The DB component: What is a Data-Based Application?
  • Back end vs. Front End Testing
  • Examining the data’s round trip through the app
  • Common problems in Databases that affect the Database Application
  • Knowledge Requirements for Database Testing
  • Test Plan: Organizing your approach
  • Data must pass Quality Assurance too!
  • Test Set up

2. Relational Database Basics For Testing

  • Why should Test professionals know Relational DB basics?
  • What a relational database?
  • Types of Data Integrity
  • Lack of data integrity introduces bugs
    Identifying Design Defects
  • Inspecting table structures to reveal design problems

3.Data Normalization Bugs

  • What bugs are caused by improperly normalized databases
  • Understanding Normalization: First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form
  • Understanding De Normalization
  • Identifying poor design; developing Test cases

4.Introduction To SQL

  • Why should Test professionals know
  • Structured Query Language?
  • SQL essentials
  • Basic SQL statements for Testing


  • Database schema tests
  • Databases and devices
  • Tables, columns, column types,
  • defaults, and rules
  • Keys and indexes
  • Stored procedure tests
  • Individual procedure tests
  • Integration tests of procedures


    • Dividing back end based on functionality
    • Checking data integrity and consistency
    • Login and user security
    • Stress Testing
    • Test back end via front end

    7. Other Database testing Issues

    • Test tips
    • Test tools
    • Useful queries

    8. Test Plan

    • Organizing DB Testing approach
    • Data must pass Quality Assurance tool?
    • Workshop on real time application Test Plan preparation

    9. Test Cases

    • DB Testing test cases format
    • How to incorporate SQL queries
    • How to prepare test cases
    • How Back End test cases are different from GUI test cases
    • How to identify regression suite from back end test cases
    • Workshop on real time application Test Cases preparation

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