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DB2 Training Course Content Details

What is DB2

DB2 may be a family of computer database management system (RDBMS) product from IBM that serve variety of various OS platforms. in line with IBM, DB2 leads in terms of information market share and performance. though DB2 product ar offered for UNIX-based systems and private pc in operation systems, DB2 trails Oracle’s informationproduct in UNIX-based systems and Microsoft’s Access in Windows systems.DB2 training in hyderabad kukatpally

DB2 contains information server product developed by IBM. These product all support the relative model, however in recent years some product are extended to support object-relational options and non-relational structures like JSON and XML.

Historically and in contrast to alternative information vendors, IBM created a platform-specific DB2 product for every of its major in operation systems. However, within the Nineties IBM modified track and created a DB2 common product, designed with a typical code base to run on completely different platforms[citation needed] .for more info click here.

DB2 Course Content

01.Overview of DB2 UDB

  • Contrast the DB2 Family of products
  • Identify the DB2 Tools
  • Functions of DB2 components
  • Explore installation and parameters

02.Command Line Processor (CLP) & GUI Usage

  • Use the Command Line Processor
  • Explore the GUI environment
  • Describe the DAS role with GUI tools

03.The DB2 Environment

  • Key features of an Instance
  • Create and drop an Instance
  • Use db2start and db2stop
  • Distinguish b/w types of Config.
  • Describe and modify the Database
  • Manager Configuration(CFG)

04.Creating Databases and Data Placement

  • Creating a Database.
  • Explore system Catalog tables, views
  • Compare DMS Vs SMS table Spaces.
  • Database with Automatic Storage.
  • Differentiate between table spaces,
  • containers, extents, and pages
  • Define table spaces
  • Get snapshot for table spaces
  • Explore Database Config. Parameter. (CFG)

05.Creating Database Objects

  • List DB2 object hierarchy and physical directories & files
  • Creating objects: Schema, Table, View, Alias, and Index
  • Explore the use of table partitioning

06.Moving Data

  • Discuss the INSERT statement and Recognize its limitation
  • Explain the differences between IMPORT and LOAD
  • Explain the EXPORT, IMPORT, and LOAD syntax
  • Create and use Exception Tables and Dump-Files
  • Distinguish and Resolve Table States:
  • Load Pending and Set Integrity Pending
  • Discuss the db2move and db2look commands

07.Backup And Recovery

  • Describe the major principles and methods for backup and recovery
  • State the three types of recovery used by DB2
  • Explain the importance of logging for backup & recovery
  • Describe how data logging takes Place circular & archival logging
  • Use the BACKUP, RESTORE, and ROLLFORWARD commands
  • Perform a table space backup and recovery
  • Restore a database to the end of logs or to a point-in-time
  • Backup and recovery scenarios

08.Locking and Concurrency

  • Explain why locking is needed
  • List objects that can be locked
  • Describe and discuss the various lock
  • modes and their compatibility
  • Explain four different levels of data protection
  • Set isolation level and lock time out for current activity
  • Explain lock conversion & escalation
  • Describe causes of Deadlocks

09.Problem Determination

  • Collect information for problem analysis and resolution
  • Use error logs for basic problem analysis
  • Describe four types of monitors:
  • Snapshot Monitor, Event Monitor,
  • Activity Monitor and Health Monitor
  • Basic commands to better work with connections and Sessions
  • Retrieve statistics and information from a running DB2 instance

10.Application Issues and Performance

  • Prepare applications that access DB2 data for execution
  • Describe the application alternatives available to access DB2 data
  • Define the concept of clustering, and determine the proper cluster sequence
  • Use RUNSTATS, REORGCHK, and REORG to enhance application performance
  • Work with the EXPLAIN facility

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