DBA Mainframe Training Course Content

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DBA Mainframe Training Course Content Details

What is DBA Mainframe

 DBA Mainframes are large computer systems produced by IBM since 1952. During the 1960s and 1970s, the term mainframe computer was almost synonymous with IBM products due to their marketshare. Current mainframes in IBM’s line of business computers are developments of the basic design of the IBM System/360.

DBA Mainframe training in hyderabad kukatpally

DBA Mainframe training in hyderabad kukatpally

DB2 contains database server products developed by IBM. These products all support the relational model, but in recent years some products have been extended to support object-relational features and non-relational structures like JSON and XML.

Historically and unlike other database vendors, IBM produced a platform-specific DB2 product for each of its major operating systems. However, in the 1990s IBM changed track and produced a DB2 common product, designed with a common code base to run on different platforms[citation needed for more info click here.

DBA Mainframe Course Content

01.Introduction to Mainframe system

  • Basic understanding of mainframe systems
  • Characteristics of mainframe systems
  • Different processing(Online, Batch & TSO) in mainframe systems

02.Introduction to z architecture

  • Evaluation of z architecture
  • Basic z architecture
  • Hardware & OS
  • Mainframe Virtual Storage(MVS)
  • Dynamic Address Translation(DAT)
  • LPAR


  • Time sharing option(TSO)
  • Basics of Interactive System
  • Productivity Facility(ISPF)
  • Navigating to different ISPF options
  • Different types of datasets used in mainframe


  • Coding a Job Control Language(JCL)
  • Basic Utilities
  • Different parameters used in the JCL
  • Virtual Storage Access Method(VSAM)
  • GDG


  • Catalog types
  • Master Catalog & User catalogs
  • Create, List & Resizing catalog datasets


  • Initial Program Load(IPL)
  • Different startups in IPL
  • SYStem RESident(SYSRES) Volumes
  • Different subsystems


  • Job Entry Subsystem(JES)
  • Start & stop of JES
  • JES processing
  • Storage Management

08.Basics of DASD & TAPE servers

  • SMS
    Different CLASS parameters
  • Storage Parmlib Member
  • ADRDSSU utility


  • System Management Facility(SMF)
  • SMF MAN datasets
  • SMF Record types
  • SMF dataset status


  • Resource Management Facility(RMF)
  • Different Monitoring
  • Other Subsystems
  • VTAM
  • USS


  • Resource Access Control Facility(RACF)
  • Different Profiles
  • Resource profiles
  • SMP/E
  • System Modification Program Enhanced(SMPE)
  • Different installation packages
  • Types of SYSMODs
  • Different Zones
  • Temporary datasets

12.DB2 Administration

  • DataBase administration(DB2)
  • DB2 address spaces
  • DB2 components
  • Online & Offline Utilities

13.CICS Administration

  • Basics of CICS transactions

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