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What is DCS

A distributed  Control system (DCS) could be a processed system for a method or plant, within which autonomous controllers area unit distributed throughout the system, however there’s central operator superordinate management. this can be in distinction to non-distributed management systems that use centralised controllers; either separate controllers set at a central room or inside a central laptop. The DCS idea will increase dependability and reduces installation prices by localising management functions close to the method plant, however permits observance and superordinate management of the method remotely.DCS training in hyderabad kukatpally

Distributed management systems 1st emerged in giant, high value, safety crucial method industries, associated were enticing as a result of the DCS manufacturer would offer each the native management level and central superordinate instrumentality as an integrated package, therefore reducing style integration risk. nowadays the practicality of SCADA and DCS systems area unit terribly similar, however DCS tends to be used on giant continuous method plants wherever high dependability and security is vital, and also the room isn’t geographically remote. for more info click here.

DCS Course Content

01. Introduction

  • Basic concepts and evolution of control systems
  • Definitions and advantages of DCS and fieldbus
  • Significance of DCS and fieldbus in practice
  • Relationships between DCS and fieldbus

02. Fundamentals of DCS

  • An example industrial plant
  • Required functions and qualities of a DCS
  • DCS system architecture
  • Essential DCS components
  • Standards and regulations applicable to DCSs
  • Comparison among major DCSs

03.Digital Control with DCS

  • Characteristics of DCS controllers and I/O modules
  • Digital control system design and analysis
  • Digital control system implementation on a DCS
  • Timing analysis of control loops implemented with a DCS
  • DCS system configuration
  • DCS control program design and implementation
  • DCS HMI design and implementation

04. Fundamentals of Fieldbus Technologies

  • Use of fieldbus in DCS
  • Timing analysis of fieldbus network-based loops implemented with a DCS
  • Required functions and qualities of a fieldbus system
  • Architecture and essential components of fieldbus systems
  • Architecture and essential components of fieldbus-enabled devices
  • Classification of fieldbuses
  • Fieldbus standards and regulations
    ISO/OSI reference model and its relevance to fieldbuses

05. Major Non-Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses

  • Modbus
  • HART
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) H1
  • DeviceNet
  • AS-i
  • Comparison among major non-Ethernet-based fieldbuses

06. Major Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses

  • Ethernet, TCP/IP, and industrial
  • Ethernet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • FF HSE
  • Comparison among major Ethernet-based fieldbuses

07. Control Systems Based on Fieldbus Networks

  • Delays within fieldbus network-based control loops
  • Effects of fieldbus networks on control system stability and performance
  • Special considerations in fieldbus network-based control systems

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