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DevOps Training In Hyderabad

Our DevOps training in hyderabad course will help you ace DevOps programming strategy. We give the best online and classroom training to help you learn continuous software monitoring, integration, automation & deployment using DevOps tools like Infrastructure as Code, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Nagios. Work on real world industry projects.

About Course

This DevOps training in hyderabad course will help you turn out to be completely capable and deploy the DevOps standards and tools in a product venture. You will ace the strategies of effectively coordinating the IT developments and IT operations departments. This DevOps web based preparing will help you see how to convey, team up and robotize enter procedures and frameworks to make cooperative energies for making speedier and better programming solutions.

Course Objectives

· Understand Devops ecosystem
· Learn about automatic Source Code Management using GIT and Continuous Integration using Jenkins
· Understand, Build and Test Automation: how to build an appropriate delivery pipeline and perform test automation on it
· Understand Containerization using Docker: identify the difference between containers and VMs
· Master Docker Commands and Use-cases : deals with the various networking concepts in Docker, the best way to use the Docker Volume, and creating Docker file
· Master Puppet: learn Configuration management and “Infrastructure-as-Code”. You can learn about the master-agent architecture and catalog compilation in Puppet
· Learn Continuous Monitoring using Nagios: integrate Jenkins, Docker and Puppet, and learn about system monitoring using Nagios and its components
· Execute a live Project

Who can select this course?

DevOps career openings are expanding. Many associations with to adopt DevOps practices to enhance the dependability and practicality of their generation surroundings. To learn the course at any DevOps training institutes in hyderabad any of below can attend:

Software Developers
Technical Project Managers
Operations Support

Essential learning of programming improvement, preferably in Java, and the UNIX/Linux command line instruments is basic for this course.

Why should you learn DevOps?

For long circumstances the development and the operations groups of any software enterprise have remained at a careful distance. Be that as it may, this authoritative social move on account of DevOps a great deal of changes are occurring in ground breaking endeavors. This Siva IT Soft DevOps training institutes in  hyderabad will help you ace every one of the skills required to effectively assemble, work, screen, measure and enhance the different procedures in IT undertakings by better coordinating development and operations. You will snatch the best jobs in top MNCs subsequent to completing this preparation.

What are the prerequisites Course?

Anybody can take this training irrespective of their skill sets. A basic knowledge can be beneficial.


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