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Documentum Training Course Content Details

What is Documentum

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform, now owned by OpenText, as well as the name of the software company that originally developed the technology. EMC acquired Documentum for $1.7 billion in December, 2003. The Documentum platform was part of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) business unit, one of EMC’s four operating divisions.

Documentum training in hyderabad kukatpally

Documentum training in hyderabad kukatpally

On September 12, 2016, OpenText, a Canadian technology firm based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that specializes in enterprise content management, announced a definitive agreement to acquire Documentum from Dell EMC for $1.6B USD.
Documentum EDMS provided check-in/check-out access controls as well as workflow capabilities for sequencing document review and approval processes, and included a full-text search engine for retrieving documents from the repository. EDMS was adopted by several large enterprises, such as pharmaceutical, oil and gas, financial services, and manufacturing companies.
Documentum introduced its Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in 1993, a client-server product for electronic document management. This product managed access to unstructured information stored within a shared repository, running on a central server. End users connected to the repository through PC, Macintosh, and Unix Motif desktop client applications. for more info click here

Documentum Course Content

01.Enterprise Content Management Fundamentals

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview
  • ECM Challenges
  • Need for ECM
  • ECM Components
  • ECM Key players

02.Documentum Overview

  • EMC Documentum Overview
  • EMC Documentum Solutions
  • Documentum Key Characteristics

03.Documentum Product Overview

  • Documentum Products
  • Content Services
  • Process Services
  • Repository Services
  • Integration Services
  • Administration & Development
  • Documentum CenterStage
  • MyDocumentum Offline

04.What’s new in Documentum

  • D6.0 Features Overview
  • D6.5 Features Overview
  • D6.6 Features Overview
  • 05.Documentum Concepts Overview
  • Content Server
  • Docbase
  • Docbroker
  • DFC, WDK
  • Documentum Objects
  • Cabinets & Folders
  • Users and Groups
  • Virtual Document
  • Alias Set
  • ACLs
  • Virtual Document

06.Objects and Types

  • Introduce and describe Object
  • Introduce and describe Types
  • Type Hierarchy and inheritance
  • Define object ID
  • Type Storage
  • Lighweight SysObjects
  • Shareable Objects
  • DQL

07.Users and Privileges

  • Users
  • User Authentication
  • Client capability
  • Basic privileges
  • Extended privileges
  • Creating Users
  • Useful DQL Queries

08.Groups and Roles

  • Groups
  • Creating Groups
  • Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Useful DQL Queries

09.Object Security

  • Object Permissions
  • Permission Sets
  • Special Conditions
  • Folder Security
  • Creating a Permission Set
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Advanced Security
  • Useful DQL Queries

10.Documentum Component Architecture

  • Documentum layered Architecture
  • The Kernel Group
  • The Kernel Group Components

11.System Administration Overview

  • Syste aministrator Tasks
  • Documentum Administrator
  • Content Server Installation and Configurations
  • Methods & Jobs

12.Alias Sets

  • Introduction to Aliases
  • Alias Set
  • Defining Alias
  • Kinds of Alias
  • Creating Alias Set
  • Alias Scope
  • Alias Resolution Scopes
  • Useful DQL Queries

13.Custom Types

  • Introduction to Custom Types, Super Types, Permissions & Null type
  • Types and Data dictionary
  • Benefits of the Data Dictionary
  • Creating Custom Type using DAB
  • Document Templates
  • Modifying Custom Types
  • Dropping Custom Types
  • Useful DQL Queries

14.Virtual Documents

  • Virtual Documents Definition and Benefits
  • Create Virtual Documents
  • Create a Snapshots
  • Add components to a virtual document
  • Virtual Document Preferences
  • XML Management
  • Useful DQL Queries

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