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Enterprise JavaBeans Training Course Content Details

What is EnterPrise JavaBeans

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is one in all many Java Apis for standard construction of enterprise computer code. EJB may be a server-side computer code element that encapsulates business logic of associate degree application. associate degree EJB internet instrumentation provides a runtime setting for internet connectedcomputer code parts, together with pc security, Java servlet lifecycle management, dealings process, and different internet services. The EJB specification may be a set of the Java engineering science specification.EJB training in hyderabad kukatpally
The EJB specification was originally developed one997 by IBM and later adopted by Sun Microsystems (EJB 1.0 and 1.1) in nineteen99 and increased below the Java Community method as JSR 19 (EJB two.0), JSR 153 (EJB two.1), JSR 220 (EJB three.0), JSR three18 (EJB 3.1) and JSR three45 (EJB 3.2).

The EJB specification intends to produce a regular thanks to implement the server-side (also referred to as “back-end”) ‘business’ computer code generally found in enterprise applications (as opposition ‘front-end’ interface software). Such computer code addresses an equivalent styles of issues, and solutions to those issues square measure usually repeatedly re-implemented by programmers. Enterprise JavaBeans is meant to handle such common issues as persistence, transactional integrity, and security during a normal means, going programmers liberal to focus on the actual elements of the enterprise computer code at hand. for more info click here.

Enterprise JavaBeans Course Content


  • Overview of EJB and Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • EJB 3.0 Overview
  • JBoss AS Server setup and introduction

02.Bean Overview

  •  Services provided, Stateless and Stateful Beans
  •  Packaging and Deployment
  •  Creating a Stateless Session Bean
  •  JNDI Overview
  • Writing an EJB 3 Client
  •  Creating an EJB Client

03.Additional Capabilities

  • Resources and Dependency Injection
  • Using Dependency Injection
  • Creating and Using Environment Entries
  • Session Bean Lifecycle and Interceptors
  •  Working with Interceptors
  • Stateful Session Beans

04.Message-Driven Beans

  • Overview of Messaging Systems
  • Overview of JMS API
  •  Message-Driven Beans (MDB)
  • Message Driven Bean

05. Transactional Systems

  • Transactions in EJB 3
  • Working with Transactions


  •  Exception Overview
  • Exceptions in EJB 3
  •  EJB 3 Best Practices

07.Introduction to Java Persistence API (JPA)

  •  Overview
  •  Mapping with JPA
  •  Mapping an Entity Class
  •  EntityManager

08.Updates and Queries

  •  Inserting and Updating
  •  Inserting and Updating an Entity
  •  Querying and JPQL •Object Based
  • Creating and Using JPQL Queries
  •  Versioning and Optimistic Locking
  •  Optimistic Locking

09.Entity Relationships

  •  Relationships Overview
  •  Relationship Mapping
  •  Mapping Entity Relationships

10.Additional JPA Capabilities

  •  Queries – Projection, Aggregate, Bulk Update/Delete
  •  Embedded Objects
  •  EJB 3 and Java SE
  •  Best Practices

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