HKIBIM Training Course Content

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HKIBIM Training Course Content Details

What is HKIBIM

The Hong Kong Institute of Building data Modelling (HKIBIM) Website: Hong Kong Institute of Building data Modelling (HKIBIM) was established in January 2009. The objects of the Institute are: To uphold and advance the quality of ability for the profession. for more info click here

HKIBM training in hyderabad kukatpally

HKIBM training in hyderabad kukatpally

HKIBIM Course Content

1. Starting a Project

  • Creating a new project from a template
  • Configuring project settings
  • Setting up storeys
  • Setting project gridlines

2. Navigation and Editing Aids

  • Navigation and on screens icon repsonse
  • Using snaps
  • Using tracing
  • Using measuring tool
  • Using Guidelines
  • Understanding the coordinates and editing plane in display

3. Walls and Columns

  • Surface, Building Materials and Composites
  • Wall Settings
  • Adding basic walls
  • Editing and modifying walls
  • Copying and pasting of element settings
  • Column settings and adding columns

4. Doors, Windows and Objects

  • Doors and windows settings
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Object Settings
  • Adding Furniture

5. Editing Groups and External Content

  • Using Find and Select
  • Creating and suspending a group
  • Using the Marquee Tool
  • Using the Magic Wand
  • Linking external Drawings
  • Creating topography from an external DWG file
  • Creating topography from Surveyor Data
  • Creating Modules for repeating Elements

6. Slabs and Roofs

  • Slab settings and adding slabs
  • Overriding surfaces
  • Building material priority
  • Creating openings
  • Adding Multiplane Roof
  • Trimming and connect walls to roof
  • Beam settings and adding beams
  • Adding a skylight

7. Stairs

  • Stair settings
  • Adding stairs
  • Creating New Stairs

8. Advanced Modeling

  • Creating a composite wall type
  • Creating a profile wall type
  • Adding curtain walls
  • Modifying curtain wall schemes, frames, and panels
  • Editing curtain wall in 3D
  • Creating morphs
  • Creating shells
  • Save Model as Object

9. Visibility and Graphic Controls

  • Using favorites
  • Setting up project map, view map and layout
  • Using display order
  • Documents settings & quick option palette
  • Setting up Elevations and Sections
  • Setting 3D views
  • Using 3D Cutting Planes

10. Zones

  • Zone setting – Automatic vs. Manual Zone
  • Adding zones
  • Customizing zone stamps
  • Editing Zones in 3D

11. Schedules and Tags

  • Understanding labels
  • Creating an Elements Schedule
  • Creating a Component Schedule
  • Properties for Listing
  • IFC Properties and Classification

12. Annotation and Details

  • Adding texts & fills
  • Adding auto and manual dimensions & levels
  • Creating linked and unlinked details
  • Creating 3D documents and adding 3D dimensions
  • Adding Detail Views

13. Layouts, Printing, and Publishing

  • Creating and editing views
  • Using Organizer
  • Setting up Publishing Sets
  • Exporting to Autocad

14. Visualization

  • CineRender
  • Using Render Scenes
  • Advanced Surface Settings
  • Using Cameras
  • Publishing to BimX Hypermodel

15. Project Delivery

  • Project Info and Autotext
  • Introduction to ArchiCAD Templates
  • Sharing a Project
  • Working in Teamwork
  • Linking BIMcloud with BIMx Hypermodel
  • BIMcloud/BIMServer Libraries
  • Schedule/Roll-back a Backup
  • Revision and Issue Management

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