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HTML5 training Course content Details

what is html5

HTML5 could be a terminology used for structuring and presenting content on the globe Wide net. it’s the fifth and current version of the hypertext mark-up language commonplace.

htmls training and course contentIt was revealed in Gregorian calendar month 2014 by the globe Wide net association (W3C) to boost the language with htmls coaching and course contentsupport for the newest transmission, whereas keeping it each simply legible by humans and systematically understood by computers and devices like net browsers, parsers, etc. hypertext mark-up language5 is meant to subsume not solely HTML four, however conjointly XHTML one and DOM Level twohypertext mark-up language.  For more info click here

html5 Course content

01)Understanding HTML5

  • History and overview
  • Key features
  • New markup and elements including:
  • header, footer, and nav elements
  • Form Elements
  • Video and Audio tags
  • Canvas Element
  • Styling with CSS3
  • Using geolocation
  • Offline support
  • Web Forms
  • HTML5 Examples
  • HTML5 and web browsers

02: HTML5 markup

  • HTML5 doctype & character encoding
  • Using the <header> element
  • Using the <nav> element
  • Understanding the <article> element
  • Working with <section> element
  • Working with dates and caption
  • Understanding the Role attribute

03: HTML5 forms

  • Adding new form input types
  • Email, URL
  • Range and number
  • Search Fields
  • Date Pickers
  • Placeholder text
  • Autofocus
  • HTML 4 fall backs for forms

04: Audio and video

  • HTML5 Video basics
  • Codecs and browser support
  • Working with the video element
  • Attributes: Autoplay, Preload, loop
  • Using the audio element
  • Audio MIME types and fall backs
  • Improving Accessibility

05: Canvas element

  • Role (and limitations) of the Canvas
  • Creating fall backs
  • Understanding the coordinate system
  • Creating paths
  • Creating fills and strokes
  • Creating and editing text
  • Adding images
  • Using transforms
  • Compositing
  • Drawing loop
  • Adding interactivity
  • PNG-based sprite animation

06: Styling HTML5 elements

  • Working with CSS
  • CSS2 versus CSS3
  • Browser support and testing
  • Creating borders
  • Adding backgrounds
  • Working with colors
  • Adding text effects
  • Sizing and positioning
  • Selectors
  • Web fonts

07: Applications and Interactivity

  • HTML5’s offline capabilities
  • HTML5 Storage
  • The revised Javascript API
  • The Geolocation API
  • Web Sockets

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