Informatica MDM Training Course Content

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Informatica MDM Training Course Content Details

What is Informatica MDM

Informatica MDM may be a Master information Management system. Informatica noninheritable an organizationreferred to as Siperian, that specialised in MDM and integrated it with Informatica information Quality and PowerCenter to bring it to plug as a part of its suite of merchandise.Infomatica MDM training in hyderabad kukatpally
The Informatica Master information Management (MDM) may be a distinctive trust framework that delivers consolidated and reliable business-critical information with comprehensive work flow management. It uses a versatile business model to deal with business needs and enhance transparency. it’s designed to cut back the time for looking out and adaptive the info by up potency, desegregation acquisitions and manage restrictive compliance to cut back risk. MDM allows hierarchy management to reveal valuable relationships between informationfor more info click here.

Informatica MDM Course Content

01.Introduction to Informatica MDM Hub

  • Master Data
  • Master Data Management
  • A Reliable Foundation Of Master

02. Reference Data

  • Components of MDM Hub
  • Application Server Tier
  • Database Server Tier
  • Batch Data Process Flow
  • Trust Framework
  • Consolidation Flag

03.Define the Data model

  • Data Mode Elements
  • Data Model
  • Relationships
  • Relationship Types
  • Lookups
  • Global Business Identifier (GB I D) Flag

04.Configure the Stage process

  • Basic Mappings
  • Complex Mappings
  • Cleansing and Transforming data
  • Execution Component
  • Testing Mappings
  • Reusable Cleanse Components
  • External Data Cleansing
  • Delta Detection & Audit Trail
  • Cleanse Match Servers
  • High-Level Stage Process Flow
  • Detailed Stage Process Flow

05.Configure the Load process

  • Trust
  • Validation Rule
  • Trust & Validation Rules: Things to note
  • Cell Level Update Allow NULL Update
  • Allow NULL Foreign Key
  • How the Load work

06.Configure the Match & Merge process

  • Match & Merge Overview
  • Key Activities for Configuring Rules
  • Match/Search Strategy for Base Object
  • Match Path, Columns and Match Key
  • Match Rules and Rule Sets
  • Primary Key Match Rules
  • Match Rules using Primary Key Match
  • Match Keys Distribution
  • Merge Settings
  • Match/ Merge Properties: Merge Style Base Object
  • External Match
  • Match Server Architecture

07.Configure data access views

  • Queries & Packages Overview
  • Query
  • Package

08.Batch Processes

  • Batch Viewer
  • Batch Group
  • Executing Stored Procedures
  • Scheduling Considerations
  • Job Status & Job Statistics

09.Data Management Tools

  • Data Stewardship
  • Recap: Consolidation Flags
  • Merge Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Unmerge and Tree Unmerg

10.User Exit Procedures

  • User Objects
  • User Object Registry Tool
  • User Exit User Exit Procedure
  • Demo – User exit procedure (using TOAD)
  • User Exits in the STAGE Process
  • User Exits in the LOAD Process
  • User Exits in the MATCH Process
  • User Exits in the MERGE Process
  • User Exits in the UNMERGE Process
  • Other logs Exit Procedures

11.Log files

  • Enterprise M a n a g e r
  • Hub Server Tab
  • Cleanse Servers Tab
  • Environment Report Tab
  • ORS Databases Tab
  • Database Log File
  • Application Server Log
  • Cleanse/ Match Server Logs
  • Console Log

Informatica MDM Training Demo

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