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Jquery and JavaScript Training Course Content Details

What is Jquery and JavaScript

JavaScript may be a programming language that’s used within your browser. it’s dominantly used for interface interactions (meaning the flashy moving elements within your website). If you have got each seen a slide show on the web just like the image below it’s a lot of seemingly to be JavaScript Scripting that may be doing the diligence behind the scenes.
efore JQuery, developers would produce their own little frameworks (group of code) this could enable all the developers to figure around all the bugs and provides them longer to figure on options, therefore the JavaScript frameworks were born. Then came the collaboration stage, teams of developers rather than writing their own code would provides it away for complimentary and making JavaScript code sets that everybody might use.query and javascript training in hyderabad kukatpally
One of the good blessings of JQuery or another JavaScript framework is that the speed during which code is written. One line of code will amendment however a project can move with a user with little or no effort. In Example One below an internet developer will amendment the background of your page it makes things terribly simple and for a client it assists within the speed and development of their application or web site. for more info click here

Jquery and JavaScript Course Content

1. Writing Your First JavaScript Program

  • Introducing Programming
  • How to Add JavaScript to a Page
  • Your First JavaScript Program
  • Writing Text on a Web Page
  • Attaching an External JavaScript File
  • Tracking Down Errors

2. The Grammar of JavaScript

  • Statements
  • Commands
  • Types of Data
  • Variables
  • Working with Data Types and Variables
  • Tutorial: Using Variables to Create Messages
  • Tutorial: Asking for Information Arrays
  • Tutorial: Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays
  • Comments

3. Adding Logic and Control to Your Programs

  • Making Programs React Intelligently
  • Tutorial: Using Conditional
  • Statements
  • Handling Repetitive Tasks with Loops
  • Functions: Turn Useful Code Into Reusable Commands
  • Tutorial: A Simple Quiz

 4. Working with Words, Numbers, and Dates

  • A Quick Object Lesson
  • Strings
  • Finding Patterns in Strings
  • Numbers
  • Dates and Times
  • Tutorial

5. Dynamically Modifying Web Pages

  • Modifying Web Pages: An Overview
  • Understanding the DocuObject Model
  • Introducing JavaScript Libraries
  • Selecting Page Elements (Revisited)
  • Adding Content to a Page
  • Setting and Reading Tag Attributes
  • Reading, Setting, and Removing HTML Attributes
  • Creative Headlines
  • Acting on Each Element in a Selection
  • Automatic Pull Quotes

6. Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events

  • What Are Events?
  • Using Events with Functions
  • Tutorial: Highlighting Table Rows
  • More jQuery Event Concepts
  • Advanced Event Management
  • Tutorial: A One-Page FAQ

7. Improving Your Images

  • Swapping Images
  • Tutorial: Adding Rollover Images
  • jQuery Effects
  • Tutorial: Photo Gallery with Effects
  • Advanced Gallery with jQuery lightBox
  • Tutorial: lightBox Photo Gallery
  • Animated Slideshows with Cycle
  • Tutorial: An Automated Slideshow

8. Improving Navigation

  • Some Link Basics
  • Opening External Links in a New Window
  • Creating New Windows
  • Opening Pages in a Window on the Page
  • Tutorial: Making Bigger Links
  • Animated Navigation Menus

9. Enhancing Web Forms

  • Understanding Forms
  • Adding Smarts to Your Forms
  • Tutorial: Basic Form Enhancements Form Validation
  • Validation Tutorial

10. Expanding Your Interface

  • Hiding Information with Accordion Panels
  • Organizing Information in Tabbed Panels
  • Tooltips
  • Creating Sortable Tables

11. Introducing Ajax

  • What Is Ajax?
  • Ajax: The Basics
  • Ajax the jQuery Way
  • JSON

12. Basic Ajax Programming

  • Tabs Plug-in
  • Adding Google Maps to Your Site

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