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Magento Training Course Content Details

What is Magento

Magento is associate ecommerce platform designed on open supply technology that provides on-line merchants with a versatile go-cart system, still as management over the planning, content and practicality of their on-line store. Magento offers powerful promoting, computer programme improvement, and catalog-management tools. we have a tendency to believe that Magento is one in all the simplest ecommerce platforms offered these days, with editions starting from community open supply, to massive, large-scale enterprise SaaS based mostly systems.Magento LogoMagento training in hyderabad kukatpally

CommonPlaces uses the community-based Magento product for our ecommerce clients. Magento’s ability to scale allows shops with only a few products and simple needs to easily expand to tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior without changing platforms. It offers a variety of plug-ins and themes which can easily enhance a customer’s experience for more details click here.

Magento Course Content

1. Basics

  • General OOP and MVC concepts
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Magento module-based architecture
  • Magento directory structure/naming conventions/code pools/namespaces/module structure
  • Configuration XML
  • Factory and functional class groups
  • Class overrides
  • Event observer Page 6 v.021811
  • Request Flow
  • Application initialization
  • Front controller
  • URL rewrites
  • Request routing
  • Modules initialization
  • Design and layout initialization
  • Structure of block templates
  • Flushing data (output)

2. Rendering

  • Template structure
  • Blocks
  • Design layout SML schema, CMS content directives

3. Working with Database in Magneto

  • Models resource and collections
  • Magneto Object Relational Mapping
  • Write, install and upgrade scripts using set up resources

4. Entity-Attribute-Value model

  • Model concepts
  • EAV entity
  • Load and Save
  • Attributes management

5. Admin HTML

  • Common structure/architecture
  • Form and Grid Widgets
  • System configuration XML and configuration scope
  • ACL (permissions)
  • Enabling and configuring extensions

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