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MS BI SSAS Training Course Content Details

What is MS BI SSAS

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SSAS, is a web analytical and transactional process (OLAP) and data processing tool in Microsoft SQL Server. SSAS is employed as a tool by organizations to investigate and add up of data probably displayed across multiple databases, or in disparate tables or files. Microsoft has enclosed variety of services in SQL Server associated with business intelligence and information reposition. These services embody Integration Services, coverage Services and Analysis Services. Analysis Services includes a gaggle of OLAP and data processing capabilities and comes in 2 flavors – multidimensional and Tabular.MS BI SSAS traininh in hyderabad kukatpally
SSAS provides on-line analytic process (OLAP) {of information|of knowledge|of information} from disparate data sources. SSAS permits users to investigate information with a bunch of tools together with SSRS and surpass. additionally, SSAS permits the invention of information patterns that will not be directly apparent through the info mining options engineered into the merchandise. Innovent will assist you to arrange and populate the info that drives the SSAS system, and that we will facilitate to style and develop the SSAS cubes that add up and organize that informationfor more info click here

MS BI SSAS Course Content


  • Concepts of Data warehouse
  • Architecture.
  • Overview of SSAS R2, 2012.

02.Architecture of Data warehouse

  • Need for Measures and Cubes
  • Identifying Dimensions and Facts
  • Identifying Aggregate and Measures
  • Identifying Hierarchies and Attributes
  • Design Principles of Data warehouse
  • Usages and Staging operations

03.SSAS Entities Introduction

  • Data Sources
  • Manipulating of structures of DSV
  • Named Queries and Computed
  • Entity Relationships
  • Data warehouse Schema

04.Wizard (Dimension)

  • Creating Builds and Dimensions
  • Member Names and Attributes
  • Dimension Templates
  • Apply of Dimensions

05.Limitations and Hierarchies

  • Attribute Relations
  • uses
  • Hierarchies and Building Levels
  • Attribute Keys

06.Cube Wizards

  • Cube Design plan
  • Cube Entries identification
  • Additives and Measures
  • Measure Groups creation
  • Cube Options and Customizations
  • Empty Cubes

07.Cube Operation

  • Flexible Cubes and Dimension Usage
  • Fact Dimensions Building
  • Conditional Colors and Calculations and
  • MDX Scripting
  • and Goals and Defining KPIs
  • Perspectives
  • SSAS Coding

08.SSAS Aggregations and Partitions

  • Cube Partition.
  • Partitions (local & remote)
  • Storage Models
  • Aggregations

09.MDX Functions and Specifics

  • MDX Language
  • MDX Queries
  • Limitations and MDX Functions
  • l MDX JOINS (Conditional)
  • MDX Transactions

10.Forecast and Data Mining

  • Data Mining Structure.
  • Rules of data mining and Algorithms
  • Forecast Reports and DMX Queries
  • Ranking and Scope
  • Analysis and Prediction Functions

11.SSAS in LoggingImpacts of Logging

  • log provider selection
  • Managing of Log Provider


  • OLAP Database
  • Encryptions and Compressions
  • Partition and Restore Options
  • XMLA and Scripting Backups
  • Jobs and Scheduling Backups
  • Dashboards and DB Reports
  • Monitoring Executions Plan
  • (UBO) -Usage Based on Optimization
  • Audits and Needs for Optimization
  • Designing Aggregations
  • OLAP Restore

13.Managing Security in SASS

  • Scope and Security Role
  • MDX and Object Level
  • Drill-Through Securities


  • Using SSIS
  • DMX Operations and MDX and in SSIS
  • Upgrading the OLAP
  • Comparison of SSAS-R2 and2012

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