Nginx Administration Training Course Content

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Nginx Administration Training Course Content Details

What is Nginx Admin

NGINX is associate degree open supply internet server and reverse proxy that excels at large-scale internet integration, application security, and internet acceleration. NGINX and extends NGINX with further load leveling and application delivery options. The articles within the NGINX and Admin Guide and Tutorial can quickly show you the way to use a number of the foremost fashionable options of NGINX and NGINX and. to get associate degree NGINX and subscription, contact the NGINX and sales team.Nginx admin training in hyderabad kukatpally
Distributing protocol requests across a gaggle of servers supported a alternative of algorithms, with passive and proactive checking of upstream server health and runtime modification of the load-balancing configuration
fitting NGINX and VMs to load balance and deliver applications and content in Microsoft Azure. for more details click here.

Nginx Administration Course Content

1. Introduction and Installation of NGINX WebServer

  • Introduction
  • Installing NGINX using a package manager
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Installing NGINX from source
  • Preparing a build environment
  • Compiling from source
  • Configuring for web or mail service
  • Configure options for a mail proxy
  • Configure the options to specify paths
  • Enabling various modules
  • Disabling unused modules
  • Finding and installing third-party modules
  • Putting it all together

2. A Configuration Guide

  • The basic configuration format
  • NGINX global configuration parameters
  • Global configuration directives
  • Using include files
  • The HTTP server section
  • Client directives
  • HTTP client directives
  • File I/O directives
  • HTTP file I/O directives
  • Hash directives
  • HTTP hash directives
  • Socket directives
  • HTTP socket directives
  • Sample configuration

3. Using the Mail Module

  • Basic proxy service
  • POP3 service
  • IMAP service
  • SMTP service
  • Using SSL/TLS
  • Complete mail example
  • Authentication service
  • Combining with memcached
  • Interpreting log files
  • Operating system limits

4. NGINX as a Reverse Proxy

  • Introduction to reverse proxying
  • The proxy module
  • Legacy servers with cookies
  • The upstream module
  • Keepalive connections
  • Load-balancing algorithms
  • Types of upstream servers
  • Single upstream server
  • Multiple upstream servers

5. Reverse Proxy Advanced Topics

  • Security through separation
  • Encrypting traffic with SSL
  • Authenticating clients using SSL
  • Blocking traffic based on originating
  • IP address
  • Isolating application components for scalability
  • Reverse proxy performance tuning Buffering

6. The NGINX HTTP Server

  • NGINX’s architecture
  • The HTTP core module
  • The server
  • Logging
  • Finding files
  • Name resolution
  • Name resolution directives
  • Client interaction
  • HTTP client interaction directives

7. NGINX for the Developer

  • Caching integration
  • No application caching
  • Caching in the database
  • Memcached module directives
  • Caching in the filesystem
  • Header modifying directives

8. Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Analyzing log files
  • Error log file formats
  • Error log file entry examples
  • Configuring advanced logging
  • Debug logging
  • Switching binaries at runtime

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