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Oracle DBA Training Course Content Details

What is Oracle DBA

An Oracle DBA may be a senior-level manager UN agency usually earns the maximum amount as a vp, and has various responsibility, managing the mission-critical information for the complete company. WARNING! Some fraudsters take advantage of the uninitiate and say that Oracle is a simple to find out trade.

Oracle DBA Training in hyderabad kukatpally

Oracle DBA Training in hyderabad kukatpally

An Oracle info may be a assortment of knowledge treated as a unit. the aim of a info is to store and retrieve connected data. A info server is that the key to resolution the issues of data management. In general, a server faithfully manages an outsized quantity {of information|of knowledge|of information} during a multiuser surroundings so several users will at the same time access a similar data. All this is often accomplished whereas delivering high performance. A info server conjointly prevents unauthorized access and provides economical solutions for failure recovery.

Oracle info is that the 1st info designed for enterprise grid computing, the foremost versatile and price effective thanks to manage data and applications. Enterprise grid computing creates giant pools of industry-standard, standard storage and servers. With this design, every new system may be chop-chop provisioned from the pool of parts. there’s no would like for peak workloads, as a result of capability may be simply further or reallocated from the resource pools PRN.

The info has logical structures and physical structures. as a result of the physical and logical structures area unit separate, the physical storage of knowledge may be managed while not poignant the access to logical storage structures. for more info click here

Oracle DBA Course Content

01.Introduction to database management systems

  • What is a database?
  • Popular database management system
  • (DBMS) software and why Oracle DBMS
  • History and Current trends of DBMS and Database Administration
  • Tasks of a Database Administrator

02. Relational Database Model and Installing Oracle database software

  • Entity Relational (ER) Model Overview
  • Oracle flexible architecture
  • Installation of Oracle database software (Oracle DBMS)

03.Oracle Database Architecture

  • Components of an Oracle database and detailed architecture
  • Creation of the first Oracle database. Startup and Shutdown of a database

04. Database Objects

  • Introduction
  • Tables, Indexes, Views and Synonyms
  • Packages, Stored procedures and Functions
  • Oracle Data Dictionary and some popular Data Dictionary views

05.Database Storage

  • Tablespaces and allocation types
  • Create tablespaces
  • Create datafiles with fixed size and autoextend option
  • Control files, Redolog groups and members
  • NoArchivelog mode and Archivelog mode for a database

06.Oracle Networking

  • Introduction
  • Oracle listener configuration
  • Oracle database connections from other computers
  • Oracle listener administration and TNS environment variables

07.Oracle Utilities

  • Introduction
  • Export and Import
  • Data Pump Export and Data Pump Import
  • Introduction to Oracle SQL* Loader

08. User Management, Roles and Privileges

  • Introduction
  • Create databases users
  • User roles and privileges
  • Identifying system and object privileges
  • Granting and revoking privileges
  • Creating and modifying roles
  • Displaying user security Information from the data dictionary

09. Used Managed (Manual) Backup and Recovery

  • Introduction
  • Cold Backup
  • Hot Backup
  • How to recover a database using Cold Backup
  • How to recover a database using Hot Backup

10 RMAN Backup and Recovery

  • Differences between RMAN method and manual method
  • Database backup using RMAN
  • RMAN catalog
  • Database backup using RMAN catalog
  • Querying the RMAN metadata
  • Introduction and overview to Backups to Tape

11 Oracle Database Upgrades

  • Introduction to Oracle versions and how to understand a version
  • how to upgrade from one version to another version
  • How to upgrade from one patchset to another patchset within a release
  • What are one-off patches
  • What is OPatch utility

12 Oracle Database Management Tools

  • Introduction to Oracle enterprise
  • manager (OEM) control
  • Managing and monitoring databases
  • Managing database objects
  • Introduction to TOAD

13 Performance Tuning

  • Introduction
  • How to handle performance issues in the real world
  • V$ views for performance monitoring and analysis How to size the Oracle database and memory for optimal performance
  • Explain Oracle UNDO management internals and sizing.
  • Explain Oracle TEMP space internals and sizing.
  • SQL Query tracing using TKPROF
  • Database wide tracing for Oracle Errors (Event Tracing)
  • Gather optimizer statistics using DBMS_STATS

14 Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management)

  • Introduction and benefits of ASM
  • ASM Setup and Configuration
  • ASM Parameter file, ASM Instance and working with DISKGROUPS
  • Querying ASM Information
  • Creating Database Files using ASM
  • 15 Oracle Database High Availability (RAC, DataGaurd, Streams)
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Overview
  • Oracle DataGaurd (Physical and Logical Standby) Overview
  • Oracle Streams Overview

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