Oracle Warehouse Builder Training Course Content

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Oracle Warehouse Builder Training Course Content Details

What is Oracle Warehouse builder

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) is associate ETL tool made by Oracle that provides a graphical atmosphere to create, manage and maintain knowledge integration processes in business intelligence systems.
Oracle Warehouse Builder was engineered from the bottom up in Oracle, it had been 1st discharged in Gregorian calendar month two000 (release 2.0.4). The 3i unharness considerably increased the ETL mapping designer, then 9i in 2003 introduced the mapping computer programme, method flow writing, integrated match/merging and name/address cleansing, multi-table insert, scripting, RAC certification to call many.OWB coaching in hyderabad kukatpallyOWB training in hyderabad kukatpally

The 10gR1 unharness was basically a certification of the 10g information, and also the 10gR2 unharness (code named Paris) was an enormous unharness incorporating a large spectrum of practicality from dimensional modelling to knowledge identification and quality. The OWB 11gR1 unharness was a get into the informationunharness stack, and enclosed the server parts being put in with the information and MDM connectors.

The packaging as a part of the Oracle Developer Suite led to could 2006 with the discharge of OWB 10gR2 (10g unharness 2), once the core functions were enclosed in Oracle 10gR2 normal Edition and Enterprise Edition .For more info click here.

OWB Course Content

01.Administrative Tasks in Warehouse Builder

  • Enterprise ETL License Extends Core In-Database ETL
  • Multiple Named Configurations: Why and How
  • Using Multiple Named Configurations
  • Using Configuration Templates
  • Steps for Setting Up OWB in a RAC Environment
  • Creating an OWB Schedule

02.Managing Metadata

  • Using Lineage and Impact Analysis Diagrams
  • Invoking Lineage and Impact Analysis
  • Using the Change Propagation Dialog
  • User-Defined Properties, Icons, and Objects
  • Using Pluggable Mappings
  • Advanced Activity Types in Process Flows
  • Native Relational Object Support
  • Heterogeneous Predefined SQL Transformations

03.Accessing Non-Oracle Sources

  • Extensible Framework of OWB 11g Release 2
  • Benefits of Extensible Code Templates
  • Location of Seeded Code Templates
  • Creating New Code Templates
  • Defining New Integration Platforms in OWB

04.Designing Mappings with the Oracle Data Integration Enterprise Edition License

  • Traditional Versus Code Template (CT) Mappings
  • Execution Units in a CT Mapping
  • Execution View Versus Logical View
  • Assigning a Code Template to an Execution Unit
  • Convert a Classic Mapping to a CT Mapping That Utilizes Data Pump
  • CT Mappings Deploy to Control Center Agents

05.Right-Time Data Warehousing with OWB

  • What Is Meant by Real-Time Data Warehousing
  • What Refresh Frequency Does OWB Support
  • Building a Trickle Feed Mapping
  • Using Advanced Queues in Trickle Feed Mappings
  • Using CDC Code Templates in Mappings for Change Data Capture
  • Starting CDC Capture Process

06.Defining Relational Models

  • Defining Dimensions Using Wizards and Editors
  • ¬†Defining Dimension Attributes, Levels, and Hierarchies
  • Binding Dimension Attributes to the Implementation Table
  • Using the Create Time Dimension Wizard
  • Defining a Cube
  • Specifying a Cube’s Attributes and Measures
  • Designing Mappings Using Relational Dimensions and Cubes

07.More Relational Dimensional Modeling

  • Initial Versus Incremental Data Warehouse Loads
  • Updating Data and Metadata
  • Capturing Changed Data for Refresh
  • Setting Loading Properties
  • Choosing the DML Load Type
  • How OWB Manages Orphans
  • Support for Cube-Organized Materialized Views
  • Creating a Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimension

08.Modeling Multidimensional OLAP Dimensions and Cubes

  • What Is OLAP
  • Multidimensional Data Types
  • Analytic Workspace
  • Dimensional Modeling Using OWB
  • OWB Calculated Measures
  • Differences Between OLAP and Relational Loading

09.Appendix: Configuring Warehouse Builder in RAC Environments

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Control Center Service Failover on RAC
  • Installing OWB on Real Application Clusters
  • Useful Diagnostics for OWB RAC Problems

10.Appendix: Service-Oriented Architectures

  • What Are Services
  • Publishing a Web Service
  • Methods for Creating a Mapping That Uses Web Services Consuming a Web Service
  • Accessing Web Services Securely

11.Appendix: Importing COBOL Copybooks

  • Flexible File Import Options in OWB 11g Release 2
  • Enhanced Support for COBOL Copybook Import
  • Selecting Copybooks to Import
  • Examine Advanced Import Session Options

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