Oracle Weblogic Server Admin Training Course Content

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Oracle Weblogic Server Admin Training Course Content Details

What is Oracle weblogic server Admin

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Oracle WebLogic Server may be a Java applied science application server presently developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle nonheritable WebLogic Server once it purchased BEA Systems in 2008.
Oracle WebLogic Server forms a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio and supports Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise and different JDBC-compliant databases. Oracle WebLogic Platform
Oracle WebLogic Server method Edition conjointly includes Business method Management and information Mapping practicality. WebLogic supports security policies managed by security directors. The Oracle WebLogic Server Security Model
An Oracle WebLogic Server administration domain may be a logically connected cluster of Oracle WebLogic Server resources. Domains embody a special Oracle WebLogic Server instance known as the Administration Server, that is that the central purpose from that you assemble and manage all resources within the domain. Usually, you assemble a site to incorporate further Oracle WebLogic Server instances known as Managed Servers. You deploy internet applications, EJBs, internet services, and different resources onto the Managed Servers and use the Administration Server for configuration and management functions solelyfor more info click here

Oracle Weblogic Server Admin Course Content

01.WebLogic Server Overview

  • Defining WebLogic Server Terms
  • Listing WebLogic Server Tools
  • Describing Basic WebLogic Server Architecture

02.Installing and Patching WebLogic Server

  • Determining Supported Configurations
  • Installing WebLogic Server 12c
  • Applying a Patch to WebLogic Server

03.Creating Domains

  • Describing a Domain Configuration
  • Creating a Domain with the Configuration Wizard
  • Configuring Domain Resources While Creating a Domain
  • Moving a Domain to Another Computer

04.Starting Servers

  • Starting and Stopping Server with Standard Scripts
  • Dealing with Startup Problems
  • Customizing Standard Start Scripts

05.The Administration Console

  • Accessing the Administration Console
  • Creating and Configuring Servers by using the Admin Console

06.Configuring JDBC

  • Configuring JDBC Generic Data Sources
  • Configuring GridLink Data Sources
  • Performing Basic Data Source Connection Pool Tuning

07.Monitoring a Domain

  • Configuring and Accessing Server Logs reserved.
  • Enabling Debugging Output
  • Monitoring Server Health and Performance
  • Monitoring JDBC Data Sources
  • Viewing Diagnostic Charts by using the Monitoring Dashboard

08.Node Manager

  • Describing the WebLogic Server Node Manager Utility
  • Configuring WebLogic Server Machines
  • Setting Up and Configuring Node Manager
  • Starting WebLogic Server through Node Manager

09.Deploying Applications

  • Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server
  • Testing Deployed Applications
  • Monitoring Deployed Applications
  • Stress Testing WebLogic Server


  • Planning for a WebLogic Server Cluster
  • Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Cluster
  • Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Dynamic Cluster
  • Configuring Oracle HTTP Server as a WebLogic Server Cluster Proxy
  • Debugging Cluster Errors


  • Describing the WebLogic Server Transaction Architecture
  • Configuring a Database as the Persistent Store for WebLogic Server Transactions

12.WebLogic Server Security

  • Describing the WebLogic Server Security Architecture
  • Configuring an External LDAP Product as the WebLogic Server Authentication Provider

13.Backing Up and Restoring a Domain

  • Backing Up a WebLogic Server Domain
  • Restoring a WebLogic Server Domain

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