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QlikView Developer Training Course Content Details

What is Qlikview Developer

the QlikView developer needs to code in four or five different languages at practically the same time. You have the load script syntax, SQL statements (in various flavours), QlikView expressions, Set Analysis and then VBA if you require macros or advanced automation. Whilst it is true that a good SQL knowledge will get you through the load script and those with good Excel skills will find no fear in expressions; it is the ability to do all at once that is vital. The discipline to work in a case sensitive environment and vision to devise solutions to problems where the standard methods do not deliver are also essential.

Qlikview developer training in hyderabad kukatpally

Qlikview developer training in hyderabad kukatpally

This seems so obvious that it shouldn’t be necessary to mention. However I have seen many examples of QlikView documents where the data simply hasn’t been understood. Classic mistakes include summing percentages and incorrect chart choice (often a data understanding issue rather than a design one). A degree in maths or statistics is not necessarily required – just a good understanding of (and respect for) the rules of data.

the QlikView Developer has to be someone that possesses many different skills – and knows when to apply each of them. Added to what I have laid out above there are also those skills required in just about any role these days – the ability to work under pressure and to insane deadlines. for more info click here.

QlikView Developer Course Content

01.Meet QlikView

  • What is QlikView?
  • How does QlikView differ from traditional BI?
  • Exploring data with QlikView
  • Navigating the document

02. Seeing is Believing

  • What is a SiB?
  • Preparing the workspace
  • Setting up the folder structure
  • Creating the QlikView document
  • Constructing the data model

03. Data Sources

  • Using ODBC and OLE DB drivers
  • Extracting data from MS Access
  • Configuring the driver
  • Creating the OLE DB connection string
  • QVD and QVX files

04. Data Modeling

  • Dimensional data modeling
  • Relational databases and ER modeling
  • The star schema
  • The snowflake schema
  • Creating the dimensional model
  • Dimensional models in QlikView
  • The associative data model

05. Styling Up

  • Design requirements
  • The Document Properties window
  • The Sheet Properties dialog

06. Building Dashboards

  • User types
  • Dashboard users
  • Charts
  • Pivot tables

07. Scripting

  • The Script Editor
  • Menu and toolbar
  • Script pane
  • Tool pane
  • Script statements
  • The JOIN statement
  • The KEEP statement
  • The CONCATENATE statement
  • The NOCONCATENATE statement
  • Using MAPPING tables

08. Data Modeling Best Practices

  • Data consistency

09. Basic Data Transformation

  • Changing the source table structure
  • “Cleansing” a dirty table
  • Working with the Transformation Step wizard
  • The final result

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