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Quickbook Training Course Content Details

What is Quickbook

QuickBooks is associate degree accounting code package developed and marketed by comprehend. QuickBooks product ar engaged chiefly toward tiny and medium-sized businesses and supply on-premises accounting applications likewise as cloud based mostly versions that settle for business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.quickbook training in hyderabad kukatpally
The initial Quicken code didn’t operate as a “double-entry” accounting package. The initial unleash of QuickBooks was the DOS version that was supported the Quicken codebase. The Windows and waterproof versions shared a distinct codebase that was supported In-House controller, that comprehend had noninheritable . The code was standard among tiny business homeowners United Nations agency had no formal accounting coaching. As such, the codeshortly claimed up to eighty five p.c of the little business accounting code market. It continues to command the overwhelming majority of this market. skilled accountants, however, weren’t glad with early versions of the system, citing poor security controls, like no audit path, likewise as non-conformity with ancient accounting standards. for more details visit: www.sivaitsoft.com

Quickbook Course Content

01.Getting Started

  • To gain an overview of the course and the topics to be covered
  • To know how QuickBooks works and how you can get around in QuickBooks
  • To learn common business terms used by QuickBooks
  • To Discuss different versions of QuickBooks
  • To see how to exit QuickBooks

02.Setting Up and Managing QuickBooks Data Files

  • To discuss decisions that must be made before using QuickBooks
  • To create a new QuickBooks company using the EasyStep Interview
  • To set QuickBooks preferences
  • To discuss Single vs. Multi user mode and how to add users
  • To discuss different QuickBooks file types and Backup Options

03. Working with List and Items

  • To edit the company chart of accounts
  • To add a new customer to the Customers & Jobs list
  • To add a new vendor to the Vendor list
  • To learn about custom fields, and to practice adding custom fields
  • To see how to manage lists and items in QuickBooks

04. Working with Bank Accounts

  • To learn how to work with registers for QuickBooks bank accounts
  • To demonstrate how to open a register
  • To learn the features common to all registers
  • To learn when and how to make entries directly in the register
  • To demonstrate how to reconcile a QuickBooks bank account

05. Entering Sales Information

  • To learn about the different formats available for sales forms
  • To save sales and purchase forms in Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • To practice creating a new invoice
  • To learn the purpose and use of the QuickBooks Item list
  • To see how QuickBooks records the information you enter on sales forms
  • To memorize an invoice transaction for reuse
  • To add a new item to the Item list
  • To add a new price level to the Price Level list
  • To associate a price level with a customer
  • To generate reminder statements

06.Receiving Payments & Making Deposits

  • To learn how to record customer payments in QuickBooks
  • To learn how to handle customer discounts, partial payments, overpayments, or down payments
  • To see how to record a deposit in QuickBooks, and learn how QuickBooks treats the deposit
    behind the scenes
  • To learn how to enter cash back from a deposit in QuickBooks

07. Entering and Paying Bills

  • To discuss the different ways you can handle bills in QuickBooks
  • To learn how to enter a bill in QuickBooks
  • To use the Pay Bills window to pay a bill in QuickBooks

08. Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks

  • To introduce the other account types available in QuickBooks
  • To learn how to track credit card transactions in QuickBooks
  • To reconcile a credit card account
  • To see how to make a credit card payment
  • To discuss the different types of asset and liability accounts you can create and see how to track
  • assets and liabilities in QuickBooks.
  • To introduce the subject of equity and QuickBooks equity accounts

09.Analyzing Financial Data

  • To discuss some of the tools
  • QuickBooks gives you for analyzing financial data: QuickReports, preset
    reports, and graphs
  • To create a QuickReport
  • To learn about the types of preset reports QuickBooks offers
  • To practice creating reports and viewing them onscreen

10.Setting Up Inventory

  • To get an overview of inventory in QuickBooks
  • To practice filling out a purchase order for inventory items
  • To track the receipt of the inventory items in QuickBooks
  • To adjust inventory manually, to enter a stock loss or increase
  • To set up and use units of measure

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