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Revit Architecture Training Course Content Details

What is Revit Architecture

Revit design could be a strong subject area style and documentation software package application created by Autodesk for architects and building professionals. The tools and options that structure Revit design square measure specifically designed to support building data modeling (BIM) workflows. By utilizing BIM as opposition computer-aided drafting (CAD), Revit design is {in a position|is ready} to leverage dynamic data in intelligent models — permitting complicated building structures to be accurately designed and documented in a short quantity of your time. every intelligent model created with Revit design represents a whole project and is hold on in a very single information file. this permits changes created in one a part of the model to be mechanically propagated to different elements of the model, therefore enhancing the work flow for Revit design users.Revit architecture training in hyderabad kukatpally

Individuals UN agency presently add or square measure following careers in subject area and different building skilled fields can discover several advantages of victimization Revit design. The BIM work flow offered by Revit design not solely maximizes productivity however conjointly helps to contour your style and documentation workflows; dashing comes from style to completion whereas automating updates across your model with one stylemodification. for more info click here

Revit Architecture Course Content

01. Introduction to Revit

  • Building Information Modeling
  • Interface
  • Working with a Project
  • Navigation between Views

02. Basic Drawing and Editing

  • General Drawing Tools
  • Editing Revit Elements
  • Basic Modifying Tools

03.Setting up Levels and Grids

  • Creating Levels
  • Importing CAD files
  • Creating Structural Grids
  • Adding Columns

04. Drawing and Modifying Walls

  • Creating Exterior Shell
  • Adding Interior Walls

05. Doors and Windows

  • Adding Doors and Windows
  • Loading Families
  • Creating Additional Part Sizes

06.Curtain Walls

  • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Adding Curtain Grids
  • Working with Curtain Wall Panels
  • Adding Mullions

07. Creating Views

  • Duplicating Views
  • Adding Callout Views
  • Creating Elevations
  • Creating Sections

08. Floors

  • Creating Floors
  • Shaft Openings
  • Sloped Floors

09. Components

  • Adding Components

10.Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Creating Ceilings
  • Soffits
  • Adding Ceiling Fixtures


  • Creating Roofs
  • Roofs by Footprint
  • Reference Planes and Work Planes
  • Roofs by Extrusion

12. Vertical Circulation

  • Adding Stairs
  • Creating Ramps
  • Working with Railings

13. Construction Documentation

  • Setting up Sheets
  • Placing and Modifying Views
  • Printing Sheets

14. Annotation

  • Working with Dimensions
  • Working with Text
  • Adding Detail Lines and Symbols

15. Tags and Schedules

  • Adding Tags
  • Rooms and Room Tags
  • Working with Schedules
  • Creating Legends

16. Detailing in Revit

  • Setting up Detail Views
  • Creating and Annotating Details
  • Keynoting and Keynote Legends
  • Patterning

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