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Revit structure Training Course Content Details

What is Revit Structure

Have you detected of Revit however ne’er had the time or resources to find out the way to use it? This course, Introduction to Revit for Structural Engineers, can bring you up to hurry and assist you to form higher buildings. First, you may find out how to model easy structural parts and a lot of real-life complicated examples. Next, you may discover the way to use Revit as a Building info Modeling tool. Finally, you may study style choices and you may learn to gift clear, clean, crisp drawing sets that you just are often happy with. once you are finished with this course, you may not solely have sculpturesque a bowl, however you may even have the talents to model real-life comes in your workplace. code required: Autodesk Revit (2017 preferred).Revit structure training in hyderabad kukatpally
Revit Structure Fundamentals training course has been styleed to show the ideas and principles from building design through construction documentation mistreatment the Autodesk Revit (R1) Structure code. This coaching course is intended to introduce students to the programme and also the basic building parts of the code that makes it a robust and versatile structural modeling tool. The goal is to acquaint you with the tools needed to form, modify, analyze, and document the constant quantity model. for more info click here

Revit structure Course Content

1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit

  • BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • Overview of the Interface
  • Starting Projects
  • Viewing Commands

2: Basic Sketching and Modify Tools

  • Using General Sketching Tools
  • Editing Elements
  • Working with Basic Modify Tools
  • Working with Additional Modify Tools

3: Starting Structural Projects

  • Linking and Importing CAD Files
  • Linking in Revit Models
  • Setting Up Levels
  • Copying and Monitoring Elements
  • Coordinating Linked Models

4: Structural Grids and Columns

  • Adding Structural Grids
  • Placing Structural Columns

5: Foundations

  • Modeling Walls
  • Adding Wall Footings
  • Creating Piers and Pilasters
  • Adding Isolated Footings

6: Structural Framing

  • Modeling Structural Framing
  • Modifying Structural Framing
  • Adding Trusses

7: Working with Views

  • Setting the View Display
  • Duplicating Views
  • Adding Callout Views
  • Elevations and Sections

8: Adding Structural Slabs

  • Modeling Structural Slabs
  • Creating Shaft Openings

9: Structural Reinforcement

  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Adding Rebar
  • Modifying Rebar
  • Reinforcing Walls, Floors, and Slabs

10:Structural Analysis

  • Preparing Projects for Structural Analysis
  • Viewing Analytical Models
  • Adjusting Analytical Models
  • Placing Loads

11: Project – Concrete Structure

  • tart a Structural Project
  • Create Foundation Elements
  • Frame a Concrete Structure

12: Creating Construction Documents

  • Setting Up Sheets
  • Placing and Modifying Views on Sheets
  • Printing Sheets

13: Annotating Construction Documents

  • Working with Dimensions
  • Working with Text
  • Adding Tags
  • Adding Detail Lines and Symbols
  • Creating Legends

14: Creating Details

  • Setting Up Detail Views
  • Adding Detail Components
  • Annotating Details

15: Scheduling

  • Structural Schedules
  • Graphical Column Schedules
  • Working with Schedules

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