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SAP CO Training Course Content Details

What is SAP CO

Controlling provides you with data for management decision-making. It facilitates coordination, observation and optimisation of all processes in a company. This involves recording each the consumption of production factors and also the services provided by a company.
As well as documenting actual events, the most task of dominant is designing. you’ll verify variances by comparison actual information with set up information. These variance calculations alter you to manage business flows.SAPCo Training in hyderabad kukatpally
Income statements like, contribution margin accounting, ar accustomed management the value potency of individual areas of a company, likewise because the entire organization.
Controlling (CO) and money Accounting (FI) ar freelance parts within the SAP system. the information flow between the 2 parts takes place on a daily basis.
Therefore, all information relevant to price flows mechanically to dominant from money Accounting. At identical time, the system assigns the prices and revenues to totally different CO account assignment objects, like price centers, business processes, comes or orders .for more info click here

SAP CO Course Content

01.SAP Introduction

  • Introduction
  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • ASAP Methodology

02.Basic Settings

  • Creation of company
  • Company code
  • Assign company code to company
  • Business area
  • Fiscal year variant
  • assign fiscal year variant to company code
  • Chart of accounts
  • Account group
  • Retained earnings account
  • Posting period variant
  • Document type and no.ranges
  • Field status variant
  • Tolerance group
  • Global parameters

03.General Ledger

  • GL master record
  • New GL
  • Posting of document
  • Display balances of GL
  • Parking hold sample recurring accrual deferral documents
  • Foreign exchange
  • Reversal of documents
  • Interest calculation
  • Credit management

04.Accounts Payable

  • Vendor groups (MM and FI vendors)
  • No. Ranges for vendor accounts
  • Vendor master record
  • Tolerance group for vendors
  • House bank
  • Correspondence
  • Advance payments
  • Automatic payment program
  • Extended withholding tax
  • Terms of payments
  • Cash discount (received)
  • Purchase returns

05.Accounts Receivable

  • Customer group (SD and FI customers)
  • No. ranges for customers’ accounts
  • Customer master records
  • Advance receipts
  • Dunning
  • Cash discount (granted)
  • Input & output tax
  • Bills of exchange
  • Lockboxes

07.Asset Accounting

  • Chart of deprication
  • Account determination
  • Screen layout
  • Asset classes
  • Integration with FI
  • Deprication
  • Deprication keys
  • Asset master
  • Sub asset master
  • Asset report
  • Deprication run
  • Sale of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Scrapping of asset
  • Capital work in progress


  • Controlling area
  • No. ranges for controlling documents
  • Versions
  • Cost element accounting
  • Cost center accounting
  • Repost line items
  • Repost of cost
  • Actual overhead assessment
  • Planning cost center and cost element
  • Budgeting

09.Internal Orders

  • Budget profile

10.Profit Centre Accounting (PCA)

  • Controlling settings
  • Dummy profit center
  • Actual data
  • Profit center
  • Assignment of revenue elements
  • Choose accounts
  • Creation of cost object
  • Planning profit and loss items
  • Planning balance sheet items.
  • Transfer of pricing

11.Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Operating concern
  • Profitability segments
  • Assignment of controlling area to operating concern
  • Activate profitability analysis
  • Mapping of conditions to COPA values
  • Drill down report
  • Report painter

12.Product Costing

  • Creation of secondary cost element
  • Activity type
  • Price calculation
  • Work center
  • Routing
  • Cost sheet
  • Cost estimate with quantity structure
  • Cost estimate without quantity structure
  • Work in progress


  • Procurement cycle
  • Integration with MM
  • Sales process
  • Integration with SD
  • Integration with asset accounting
  • Integration with controlling
  • Integration with PP


  • Financial statement version
  • GL reports accounts payable reports
  • Accounts receivable reports
  • Assets
  • Cash book reports
  • Copa reports

15.Real Time Scenarios

  • Resolving tickets

  • LSMW
  • Implementation overview
  • Support and maintenance process

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