SAP HCM Training Course Content

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SAP HCM Training Course Content Details

What is SAP HCM

SAP Human Capital Management (Cloud and on Premise) resolution offers a whole and integrated set of tools to assist you effectively manage your folks. you’ll rent the most effective talent, align worker goals with business objectives, cultivate worker skills, and live and reward performance. At identical time, you’ll automatise all core unit of time processes to extend potency, cut back prices, and support compliance. And after you need to source unit of time processes or run an enclosed shared service center, the answer supports these readying models in ways in which cut back risk and value.SAP HCM Training course content sivaitsoft
Human capital management (HCM) is AN approach to worker staffing that perceives folks as assets (human capital) whose current worth is measured and whose future worth is increased through investment.
An organization that supports HCM provides workers with clearly outlined and systematically communicated performance expectations. for more info click here

SAP HCM Course Content


  • Introduction to ERP & SAP
  • Overview on SAP HR Sub Modules
  • Introduction to Project
  • Implementation Methodologies
  • (ASAP Methodology)
  • Implementation Road Map
  • System Land Scape – 3 tier
  • Architecture


  • Need Platforms of SAP Architecture
  • Need of Technical/Administration
  • /Portal Consultants in Functional
  • Environment
  • New Dimension SAP Modules
  • involved in SAP HCM
  • Introduction to New Dimensional EModules
  • in SAP HCM
  • System Navigation


  • Organizational Management
  • Introduction
  • Structure in SAP HCM
  • Objects


  • Integration setting with OM and PA
  • Master Data – Definition and its use in SAP HCM Enterprise structure- Definition and Assignment
  • Company
  • Company Code
  • Personnel Area
  • Personnel Sub Area
  • Personnel structure – Definition and Assignment
  • Employee Group
  • Employee Subgroup
  • Payroll Area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting Period)


  • Global Parameters
  • Fiscal Year Variants
  • Posting Periods
  • Employee Attributes
  • Info types and sub types
  • Features in SAP HCM importance and various feature configurations according to requirement
  • Number Ranges for Employee personnel numbers-internal & External with Feature Setup
  • Customizing User Procedures
  • Configuration of Personnel actions – Info group – Action Menu
  • Hiring
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Organizational Reassignment
  • Termination


  • Introduction to time management – time management process in HR Domain and SAP HR time management differentiation a discussion.
  • Positive and Negative Time Recording – with Business Process Discussion
  • Public Holidays – configuration of different types of Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar with Business scenarios – Applicability with Enterprise Structure
  • Factory Calendar in HR Perspective Grouping – Personnel sub Area & employee sub group Grouping in Time Management

07. Interfaces & Cats in Time Management

  • Introduction to time sheet in time evaluation
  • What is cross application time sheet (CATS) –Overview and usage in Various time business scenarios.
  • CATS- Roles and Authorizations
  • Time Interface development required in positive time management
  • Use of Time Management Process with ESS/MSS scenarios- leave application, Time booking,
    Approvals in HR master data Update.

08. Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service

  • Introduction of ESS/MSS
  • Use of ESS in Different HR Module
  • Difference Between ITS and Webdynpro versions
  • Configuration of ESS from Functional Perspective
  • Understanding of Areas, Subareas, Pages, and services in Validation of Roles, I Views, Works sets.
  • Module Wise Options available in ESS/MSS
  • Involvement of Either Module consultants
  • Use of MSS
  • Object Integration with MSS
  • Work flow understanding in ESS/MS


  • Introduction to payroll- HR domain process and SAP HCM Processdiscussion on understanding
    the same.
  • Payroll area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting)
  • Generation of payroll periods and date modifiers (with different country fiscal year settings) –
    Relevancy of this Time management.

10. US Payroll

  • US statutory process & US specific info types maintenance
  • US specific Tax Settings.
  • Understanding of US payroll Driver & Payroll Schema in SAP HCM Payroll Process
  • Business Understanding of Garnishment in US payroll
  • Understanding of US Process Logic in SAP
  • Us Reports and subsequent payroll activities.


  • Configuration of INDIA specific payroll settings
  • Concepts of Allowance grouping for INDIA
  • INDIA- statutory configuration on TAX, PF, ESI, Professional TAX.
  • Other Statutory configuration on exemptions, HRA, Car & Conveyance etc.,
  • Understanding of Indian Payroll driver, payroll schema & India specific Payroll functions in SAP
  • India specific reports and subsequent payroll activities.
  • Payroll schema & Personnel calculations rules- Customizing the same for the multiple business
    scenario like time calculation and proration etc.,
  • Checking of payroll results
  • Understanding and customizing the Remunerations statement


  • Introduction Benefits – Country dependency
  • Benefits Area
  • Benefits provider
  • Understanding of plan Categories and configuring of plans and plan types
  • Customizing of contribution groupings
  • Setting up of Plans
  • Plan details and options
  • Dependent details with coverage details
  • Cost Grouping and cost variants
  • Mapping of plan types with relevant plans


  • Introduction to Recruitment
  • Workforce requirement and
  • Advertisement
  • Media
  • Recruitments instruments
  • Address for recruitments instruments


  • Training and Events-An introduction
  • Training requirement
  • Defining Cost of Training
  • Location/Building address for the training or business event
  • Business Event Group


  • Use of Compensation Management
  • Job Pricing
  • Salary Surveys
  • Budget types

16. Project Process in SAP HCM implementation

  • Preparation of projects in ASAP methodology
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Consultants in different phases of project
  • Understanding the HCM specific process in HCM implementation.

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