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SAP IM Training Course Content Details

What is SAP IM

The potential significance of SAP’s Investment Management module (IM) is just too usually unnoted once considering the management of complicated enterprise comes. notwithstanding it ought to in most cases be thought of onceplanning ascendable project management resolution that focus on SAP. kukatpally

SAP IM may be a tool designed to modify program management in SAP. Program management as outlined by SAP therein context suggests that the method of process a hierarchy on high of the many comes with the aim of coming up with and dominant prices, as well as project appropriation management and budget authorizations. Its strongest integration points, besides PS, square measure with the SAP dominant (CO) and quality Management (AM) modules.
While IM was originally developed for the budgeting and high-level management of capital investment initiatives, its practicality has been extended to permit its use for similar functions. It merely may be a tool that may perform such functions on high of any quite note comes. for more info click here

SAP IM Course Content

01.Introduction to SAP IM (Investment Management):

  • SAP IM (Investment Management)
  • SAP IM Online Training Course Content

02.Management transactions

  • Stock Overview via Stock Requirements list and Stock
  • Overview
  • Purchase Order for Stock Materials
  • Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt – Other
  • Stock Transfer
  • Goods Issue to Scrap

03. Enterprise Structure

  • Plant Parameters configuration for Inventory Management
  • Storage Location

04. Master Data – Material Master

  • System Landscape (Transaction SMSY)
  • Generate RFC Destination
  • Logical Components
  • Solution Landscapes & Solution Directory
  • Business processes
  • Using Administrative tools
  • Review of key material master settings
  • Configuration of Inventory Management relevant fields for Material Master

05. Goods Movements

  • Overview of Goods Receipt/Goods Issues/Stock Transfer
  • MIGO navigation and special MIGO transactions
  • Material Documents
  • Reversal transactions
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt for Unknown PO
  • Goods Receipt for Production Order
  • Initial Entry of Inventory
  • Goods Receipt Posting

07. Goods Issues

  • Goods Issue to Production Order
  • Goods Issue to Scrap
  • Goods Issue Posting
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Job Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
  • Setup Business Process monitoring
  • Alert Handling

08. Stock Transfers

  • Transfer between Storage Locations
  • Transfer between Plants
  • Transfer between Company Codes
  • Transfer Postings

09. Movement Types

  • Overview
  • Configuration

10. Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Process and Preparation
  • Types of Physical Inventory

11. Managing Special Stocks

  • Consignment
  • Subcontracting
  • Stock Transfer using Stock Transport Order
  • Third-party processing
  • Sales Order Stock
  • Project Stock
  • Returns

12. Batch Management

  • Material Master Requirements
  • Batch master records
  • Batch Statuses
  • Inventory Management and Batch Management
  • Batch Classification
  • Batch Determination
  • Batch Information Cockpit

13. Reservations

  • Use of Reservations
  • Managing Reservations

14. Stock Determination

  • Stock Determination Strategies and Configuration
  • Using Stock Determination

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