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SAP Net Weaver Training Course Content Details

What is Net Weaver

SAP NetWeaver is that the primary technology computing platform of the software package company SAP SE, and also the technical foundation for several SAP applications. it’s an answer stack of SAP’s technology merchandise. The SAP NetWeaver Application Server (sometimes brought up as WebAS) is that the runtime surroundings for the SAP applications, and every one of the mySAP Business Suite solutions (SRM, CRM, SCM, PLM, ERP, metal ) run on SAP WebAS.SAP net weaver training course content in hyderabad kukatpally
The product is marketed as a service-oriented application and integration platform. It is used for custom development and integration with alternative applications and systems, and is constructed primarily exploitation the ABAP programing language, however conjointly uses C, C++, and Java. It also can be extended with, and interoperate with, technologies like Microsoft .NET, Java EE, and IBM WebSphere
The NetWeaver platform was a portal technology developed by Israeli software package company TopTier software package (founded in 1997), and that SAP noninheritable in 2001. The founding father of TopTier software package Shai Agassi joined SAP and was given responsibility for the company’s overall technology strategy and execution. He initiated the event of the mixing and application platform that became the NetWeaver platform. for more info click here

SAP Net Weaver Course Content

01. Data warehouse concepts and Overview

  • ETL
  • Star Schema
  • Snow Flake Schema
  • Data Warehouse and Datamart
  • Measures, Dimensions and Facts
  • Level and Hierarchy
  • Slowly Changing & Confirmed Dimensions
  • Aggregates, Aggregation Strategy, Compression Ratio, Indexing Strategy

02. Business Warehouse Concepts and Overview

  • Business Warehouse Architecture
  • Extended Star Schema
  • DIM / SID Tables
  • Data Storage
  • Data Acquisition
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools

03.Info Objects of Business Warehouse

  • InfoArea ,Info Object ,InfoObject Catalog
  • Info Object Definitions : Characteristics , Key Figures, Time and Unit
  • Dimension / Key Figures

4. Data Storage of Business Warehouse

  • Basic Cube / Transactional Cube
  • Virtual/Remote Cube
  • Multi-Provider
  • ODS / Data Store Object ( DSO )
  • PSA
  • Aggregates
  • InfoSets
  • Non-R3 Data Module
  • Compression
  • Indexes and Partition

05. Understanding Business Content

  • Business Content, How to install BI contents.
  • FIGL/FIAP/FIAR Business Contents

06. ETL Overview

  • R/3 Data ETL Process
  • Flat File ETL Process
  • Monitor
  • Source System
  • DB connect

07. Master Data Process

  • Master Data ( Attributes , Texts and Hierarchies )
  • Extract Structure – DataSource/Transfer Structure
  • Communication Structure
  • Transfer / Update Rules / Transformations
  • Hierarchies
  • Info Package

08. Transaction Data Process

  • R3 / Flat File Data
  • Delta Extraction
  • Standard BC
  • Custom Table Extraction
  • Creation of Data Transfer Process ( DTP )
  • Info Package
  • Process Chain
  • InfoSpoke

09.BEx Query Designer

  • Queries, Tabular Queries
  • Query Properties
  • Variables: variable wizard , variable types and processing types.
  • Restricted Key Figures
  • Calculated Key Figures
  • Structures: creating re-usable structures
  • Cell Definition
  • Conditions and Exceptions
  • Query Copy/Delete between cubes.

10. BEx Web Application Designer

  • WAD: Functions, web item window, template window, properties window
  • Role Menu
  • Creating web applications, settings, style sheets , symbols and properties.
  • Web Items: Tables, Text Box, Filters, Drop down box, Graph, etc.
  • Web Analyzer
  • Information Broadcasting
  • Report to Report Interface – RRI
  • Hierarchy Reporting

11. BEx Analyzer

  • Workbook
  • Queries
  • Personalize Variables
  • Data Area and Query Area

12. Admin & Security

  • User Management
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Authorization Object
  • Performance Tuning : Data Loading Performance ,Query Performance
  • Transports Organizer : Real business scenario on system Environment and moving
  • objects from one system to another.
  • BW Statistics / Admin Cookpit

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