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Software Configuration Management Course Content Details

what is software configuration management

In software system engineering, software system configuration management (SCM or S/W CM) is that the task of trailing and dominant changes within the software system, a part of the larger cross-disciplinary field of configuration management. SCM practices embrace revision management and also the institution of baselines. If one thing goes wrong, SCM will confirm what was modified and WHO modified it. If a configuration is functioning well, SCM willconfirm the way to replicate it across several configuration management in hyderabad kukatpally
The signifier “SCM” is additionally swollen as supply configuration management method and software systemmodification and configuration management. However, “configuration” is usually understood to hide changes generally created by a supervisorfor more info click here

Software Configuration Management Course Content

01. Software Configuration Management Defined

  • Configuration Management Defined
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)
  • Software Configuration Management Activities
  • Software Configuration Management Responsibilities

02.Benefits of SCM

  • Software is Complex
  • Changes are Inevitable
  • Lack of Good Software Configuration Management Practices
  • Benefits of Software Configuration Management Software Configuration Management Balance
  • SCM Throughout the Product’s Life Cycle

03.Management of the SCM Function – Organization Level SCM Management

  • Process Documentation Hierarchy
  • SCM Guidance from Industry Standards
  • SEI CMMISM Specific Goals & Practices
  • SEI CMMISM Generic Goals & Practices
  • IEEE Standards
  • ISO 9000:2000
  • Other Standards
  • SCM Policies
  • Standard SCM Processes
  • Process Documentation – Example
  • Standard SCM Work Instructions
  • Work Instruction – Examples
  • More Organization Level SCM Management

04. Management of the SCM Function – Program/Project Level SCM Management

  • Software Configuration Management Plans
  • More Program/Project SCM Management
  • Program/Project Level SCM Processes
  • Even More Program/Project SCM Management

05.Software Configuration Management Libraries

  • Library Functions
  • SCM Library Types
  • Dynamic Libraries
  • Controlled Library
  • SCM Library Procedures – Creating a New Work Product
  • SCM Library Procedures – Creating a Software Build
  • SCM Library Procedures – Testing a Build
  • SCM Library Procedures – Modifying a Controlled Work Product
  • Static Library

06.Software Configuration Management Tools

  • Types of Software Configuration Management Tools
  • Tool Evaluation & Selection Process
  • SCM Tool Requirements
  • Evaluation Criteria Checklist – Example

07.Identifying Interfaces

  • Interfaces
  • Interface Identification & Control Activities
  • Hardware Dependencies
  • Software Dependencies

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