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Solaris Administration Training Course Content Details

What is Solaris Admin

Solaris may be a UNIX system software system originally developed by Sun Microsystems. It outmoded their earlier SunOS in 1993. Oracle Solaris, thus named as of 2010, has been in hand by Oracle Corporation since the Sun acquisition by Oracle in January 2010.
Solaris is thought for its measurability, particularly on SPARC systems, and for originating several innovative options like DTrace, ZFS and Time Slider. Solaris supports SPARC-based and x86-based workstations and servers from Oracle and alternative vendors, with efforts current to port to further platforms. Solaris is registered as compliant with the only UNIX system Specification.solaris admin training in hyderabad kukatpally
Historically, Solaris was developed as proprietary software system. In June 2005, Sun Microsystems discharged most of the codebase beneath the CDDL license, and supported the OpenSolaris open supply project. With OpenSolaris, Sun needed to make a developer and user community round the software system. once the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January 2010, Oracle set to discontinue the OpenSolaris distribution and also the development model. In August 2010, Oracle out of print providing public updates to the ASCII text file of the Solaris kernel, effectively turning Solaris eleven back to a closed supply proprietary software systemfor more info click here

Solaris Administration Course Content

01.Administering System Software Using IPS

  • Explain the various platforms Oracle Solaris supports
  • Explain the role of IPS in administering system software
  • Use IPS to Update the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system
  • Upgrade Oracle Solaris 11 to Oracle Solaris 11.1 using IPS
  • Configure a local IPS package repository
  • Configure network client access to the local IPS server
  • Administer software packages using CLI and Package Manager
  • Administer boot environments

02.Administering Services Using SMF

  • Explain the role of SMF in administering services
  • Configure SMF services
  • Administer SMF services
  • Control SMF services
  • Troubleshoot SMF services

03.Administering ZFS

  • Explain the role of ZFS in data management
  • Administer ZFS storage pools
  • Administer ZFS file systems
  • Manage data redundancy with mirrored storage pools
  • Administer ZFS snapshots and clones
  • Secure ZFS file systems
  • Troubleshoot ZFS failures

04.Configuring the Network

  • Explain the fundamentals of networking in Oracle Solaris 11
  • Configure a network interface
  • Implement network virtualization
  • Configure network high availability
  • Secure the network

05.Administering User Accounts

  • Configure user accounts
  • Manage user initialization files
  • Configure user disk quotas using the ZFS quota property
  • Administer Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

06.Configuring Oracle Solaris Zones

  • Explain the fundamentals of Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Configure an Oracle Solaris Zone
  • Determine an Oracle Solaris Zone configuration
  • Administer an Oracle Solaris Zone
  • Manage system resources in a zone
  • Manage the scheduling class of zones
  • Secure Oracle Solaris Zones

07.Installing the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System

  • Identify the key requirements and guidelines for installing Oracle Solaris 11
  • Install Oracle Solaris 11 using the Live Media and Text Installer
  • Install the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system on multiple hosts using the Automated Installer
  • Verify the operating system installation

08.Monitoring System Resources

  • Describe the role of the various observability tools in monitoring system resources
  • Explain the importance of mdb and DTrace in debugging system issues

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