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Sun Certification Training Course Content Details

What is Sun Certification

A Sun Certified Java engineer (SCJP) coaching course providing a strctured, tried schedule and learning materials for people or groups. this can be AN open supply project within the hope that the community can update the materials because the Sun test develops
Sun Certification, Inc. was AN yankee company that sold-out computers, pc elements, software, and data technology services, which created the Java programing language, the Solaris software package, ZFS, and also the Network filing system (NFS).sun certification training in hyderabad kukatpally

Sun contributed considerably to the evolution of many key computing technologies, among them UNIX operating system, reduced instruction set computing processors, skinnyconsumer computing, and virtualized computing. Sun was based on Gregorian calendar month twenty four, 1982. At its height, the Sun headquarters were in metropolis, American state (part of semiconductor Valley), on the previous west field of the Agnews organic process Center.
On Jan twenty seven, 2010, Oracle Corporation noninheritable Sun by for US$7.4 billion, supported AN agreement signed on April twenty, 2009. for more info click here

Sun Certification Course Content

01.Introduction to Computers, Problem

  • Solving, and Programming
  • Overview of Computers
  • Computer Components
  • Computer Software

02. Using Primitive Data Types and Using Classes

  • Primitive Data Types
  • Processing Numeric Data
  • Introduction to Methods
  • The String class
  • Input/Output with class JOptionPane and method println()
  • Anatomy of a program
  • Numerical computations with class Math

03.Object-Oriented Design

  • Manipulating String Objects
  • Processing Integers
  • Review of Methods
  • Using Multiple Classes
  • Formatting output
  • Applets, AWT, and the Graphics class

04.Control Structures: Decisions and loops

  • Control Structures
  • Boolean Expressions
  • The if statement
  • Decision Steps in Algorithms
  • Nested if and switch
  • while and for statements
  • State-Controlled Loops

05.Arrays and Vectors

  • Array declarations
  • Processing Arrays and Array Elements
  • Operations on Whole Arrays
  • Searching and Sorting an Array
  • Arrays of Objects
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Vectors
  • Wrapper Classes for Primitive Type Data
  • The Arrays and ArrayList Collection Classes

06. Class Hierarchies, Inheritance, and Interfaces

  • Class Hierarchies and Inheritance
  • Operations in a Class Hierarchy
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces
  • Abstract Classes
  • Drawing Figures Using an Abstract Class and an Interface
  • Packages and Visibility

07. Graphical User Interfaces

  • AWT, Swing, and Browser-Applet Interaction
  • The Java Event Model
  • Using a GUI in an Application
  • Components for Making Choices
  • Listener Classes as Inner Classes
  • Layout Managers

08.Exceptions, Streams, and Files

  • Exceptions
  • Stream and Text Files
  • Using Text Files
  • Binary Files


  • Recursive Methods
  • Recursive Mathematical Methods
  • Use of the Stack in Recursion
  • Recursive Methods with Arrays, Vectors, and Strings
  • Binary Search

10. Linked Data Structures

  • Linked Lists
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Binary Trees
  • A Binary Search Tree Class
  • LinkedList Collection Class and List Iterators

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