TM1 Data Integrator Training Course Content

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TM1 Data Integrator Training Course Content Details

What is TM1 Data Integrator

TM1 TurboIntegrator lets you manipulate TM1 data and metadata when you define a process.
This is accomplished through the use of functions in the Prolog, Metadata, Data, and Epilog sub-tabs within the Advanced tab of the TurboIntegrator window. These sub-tabs include generated statements based on settings and options you select when defining a TurboIntegrator process. Any functions you create must appear after the generated statements. For details on creating processes with TurboIntegrator, see the IBM Cognos TM1 TurboIntegrator Guide.

TM1 data Integrator training in hyderabad kukatpally

TM1 data Integrator training in hyderabad kukatpally

The TurboIntegrator functions in this section are sorted by category.
There is no interface to assist in the creation of TurboIntegrator functions. Enter functions by hand directly in the appropriate sub-tab within the Advanced tab. String arguments to TurboIntegrator functions must be enclosed in single quotation marks. A semi-colon (;) must be included to indicate the end of each function in the TurboIntegrator window.

IBM has created both an installation and general technique for IBM Cognos TM1 or Planning Analytics customers to be able to send data from TM1 to IBM Decision Optimization (DO, also known as CPLEX) and then send optimized data back to TM1/PA. A description of the different installations you can use is below, along with links to the files to download. For more info click here.

TM1 Data Integrator Course Content

01.Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1

  • Review financial performance management
  • TM1 OLAP Solution
  • Use Different TM1 User Iinterfaces
  • TM1 Perspectives
  • TM1 Architect
  • TM1 Web
  • TM1 Application Web
  • Roles Of TM1 Users

02.Create Dimensions

  • What is Dimension
  • Diff Classes of TM1 Dimensions
  • Differences between TM1 dimension and DWH Dimensions
  • Naming conventions of TM1 Dimensions
  • What is element?
  • different types of elements C, N and S
  • Using Weights with Elements

03.Build Cubes and Views

  • Discuss cubes and data points
  • Create cubes
  • Consider Dimension order
  • Naming conventions of TM1 Cubes
  • What is view
  • Create view
  • Demo 1 : Create a Cube

04.Load and Maintain Data Via Turbo Integrator (TI)

  • Create processes to load data
  • Create a process to delete data in a cube
  • Create processes to update the model
  • Schedule process /edit process
  • Write script on Prolog, metadata, data and Epilog
  • Create parameters

05.Add Business Rules

  • Business Logic
  • Discuss a rule
  • Construct rules for elements or consolidations
  • Create a Rule to override Aggregation
  • Create a rule to suppress a consolidation
  • Craete a rule to share data between cubes

06.Optimize Rule Performance

  • Understand consolidations and sparsity
  • Effect of Rules on SPARSE consolidation
  • Optimiza rules using SKIPCHECK
  • Use Skipcheck and Feeders
  • SKIPCHECKwith consolidations

07.Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts

  • Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator
  • Add a subset to a dimension
  • Use logic in scripts
  • Move data between versions
  • Construct chores

08.Customize Drill Paths & Data Spreading Methods

  • Create a Drill Process
  • Create a Drill Assignment Rule
  • Data Spreading Methods
  • Equally, replace and proportional

09.Using Rules for Advanced Modeling

  • Discuss virtual cubes
  • List uses for lookup cubes
  • Create and use a spread profile cube
  • Implement moving balances in a cube

10.Model for Different Fiscal Requirements

  • Discuss time considerations
  • Use discrete time dimensions
  • Implement a continuous time dimension model

11.Introduction Security to Managing Applications

  • Server level security
  • Cube level Security
  • Dimension level security
  • Security Assignment for Individual Dimensions, Cubes

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