Veritas Netback-up Training Course Content

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Veritas Netback-up Training Course Content Details

What is Veritas Netbackup

In computing, Veritas NetBackup (called Symantec NetBackup before Symantec’s divestiture of Veritas) is Associate in Nursing enterprise-level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite. It provides cross-platform backup practicality to an oversized form of Windows, operational system|operating system|OS} and UNIX operating systems.Veritas netbackup training in hyderabad kukatpally

NetBackup options a central master server that manages each media servers (containing the backup media) and shoppers. Core server platforms embody Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64, UNIX and Windows.

NetBackup OpsCenter, that comes bundled with the NetBackup seven.0 distribution and replaces the NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM) element utilized in previous versions, will manage multiple NetBackup environments. NetBackup comes with support for several hardware devices like tape drives, tape libraries, disk units. It supports, amongst several alternative options, hot backups for major information merchandise like Oracle; it will natively backup and restore the virtual machines of major virtualization merchandise like VMware Infrastructure, will use Network information Management Protocol (NDMP), and has tape vaulting. NetBackup additionally allows LAN-free and server-free backups in SAN material environments. For more info click here.

Veritas Netback-up Course Content

01.Introducing NetBackup

  • Netbackup history
  • Introduction to data protection
  • OS Backup vs Specialised Backup s/w
  • The NetBackup environment and structure
  • NetBackup concepts
  • NetBackup options and agents
  • Installing NetBackup

02.Preparing for NetBackup installation and configuration

  • Installing your NetBackup environment
  • Installing NetBackup clients
  • Verifying your NetBackup installation
  • Verifying netbackup licences
  • Backup process flow
  • Restore process flow
  • Using the NetBackup Administrative Interfaces

03.The NetBackup Administration Console

  • NetBackup Monitoring (OpsCenter/Aptare monitoring tool)
  • Netbackup Ticket automation
  • Master server host properties
  • Media server host properties

04.Configuring Tape Storage and Media

  • NetBackup storage concepts
  • Configuring tape devices
  • Configuring media
  • Verifying tape storage
  • Configuring Disk Storage

05.Basic NetBackup storage

  • Configuring basic NetBackup disk storage
  • Configuring AdvancedDisk
  • Verifying disk storage
  • Additional NetBackup storage concepts
  • Configuring File System Backups

06.Introduction to backup policies

  • Policies and policy typs
  • Policy configuration tips
  • Configuring file system backup policies

07.Performing File System Backups and Restores

  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing restore operations
  • Backup and restore job tips
  • Protecting Backup Data
  • Using Storage Lifecycle Policies

08.Backup duplication concepts

  • Duplication and De-duplication
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication
  • Introduction to NetBackup Vault
  • Protecting the NetBackup Configuration

09.Introduction to NetBackup catalogs

  • Netbackup database
  • Managing images and their retention
  • Performing catalog backup and recovery operations
  • Using user backup and user archive

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