VMWare/Virtualisation Training Course Content

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VMWare/Virtualisation Training Course Content Details

What is VMware /Virtualisation

VMware, Inc. may be a subsidiary of dingle Technologies that has cloud and virtualization computer code and services and claims to be the primary to with success virtualize the x86 design commercially. based in 1998, VMware relies in town, California. In 2004, it had been nonheritable by and have become a subsidiary of EMC Corporation, then on August fourteen, 2007, EMC oversubscribed V-day of the corporate in an exceedingly the big apple securities market mercantilism. the corporate trades underneath the image VMW.Vmware virtualized training in hyderabad kukatpally
VMware’s desktop computer code runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS, whereas its enterprise computer code hypervisors for servers, VMware ESX and VMware ESXi, area unit bare-metal hypervisors that run directly on server hardware while not requiring an extra underlying software.
In computing, virtualization refers to the act of making a virtual (rather than actual) version of one thing, together with virtual constituent platforms, storage devices, and electronic network resources.

Virtualization began within the Sixties, as a way of logically dividing the system resources provided by mainframe computers between totally different applications. Since then, the which means of the term has broadened. For more info click here.

VMWare/Virtualisation Course Content

01.Introduction to VMware Virtualization

  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Machines
  • VSphere Client & VSphere Components
  • Components of Server, Networking, Storage Virtualization
  • Architecture of Vmware ESX and ESXI
  • VMware Workstation

02.Virtual Machines

  • Creation of Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Hardware settings
  • Virtual Machine files
  • Deploying Virtual Machines using VSphere Client, vCenter Server, Virtual Machine Wizard,
    Templates, Cloning, VMware vCenter Converter and VMware Workstation.
  • Modify and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Creating Virtual Machine Snapshots
  • Creating VSphere vApp

03.VSphere Client

  • Install and Configure VSphere Client
  • Managing ESX?ESXi host through VSphere Client

04.VCenter Server

  • Inroduction to vCenter server architecture
  • Install and Configure vCenter Server
  • Manage vCenter server inventory objects & Licenses

05.Virtual Networking

  • Describe, Create and Manage a Standard Virtual Switch
  • Describe and Modify Standard Virtual Switch Properties
  • Defining the Port Groups
  • Configure Virtual Switch Load Balancing Algorithm

06.Virtual Storage

  • Introduction to Storage
  • Configuring ESX/ESXi with ISCSI, NFS and Fibre Channel Storage
  • Configure ESX/ESXi VM’s on Shared Storage
  • Create and Manage VSphere Datastores

07.Data Protection

  • Strategy of Backup and Restore
  • Introduction to VMware Data Recovery
  • Real-time Data Protection Solutions

08.Access and Authentication Control

  • Control User Acess through Roles and Permissions
  • Configure and Manage ESXi Firewall
  • Integrate ESXi with Active Directory

09.Resource Management and Monitoring

  • Introduction to Virtual CPU and Memory Concepts
  • Describe methods of optimizing CPU and Memory Usage
  • Configure and Manage Resource Pools
  • Monitor Resource usage using vCenter server performance graphs and alarms

10.High Availability and Fault Tolerence

  • Introduction to HA Architecture and Fault Tolerence
  • Configure and Manage HA Cluster and Fault Tolerence


  • Configure and Manage VMware Distributed Resiurce Scheduler(DRS) Cluster
  • Configure Enhanced vMotion Capability
  • Using VSphere HA and DRS together
  • Create, Configure and Manage vNetwork Distributed Switches

12.Patch Management

  • Manage ESX/ESXi Patching using vCenter Update Manager
  • Install vCenter Update Manager and Update Manager Plug – in
  • Create Patch Baselines

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