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Web Designing Training Course Content Details

What is Web Designing

Web style encompasses many alternative skills and disciplines within the production and maintenance of internet sites. the various areas of internet style embrace internet graphic design; interface design; authoring, together with standardised code and proprietary software; user expertise design; and programme optimisation. typicallyseveral people can add groups covering completely different aspects of the planning method, though some designers can cowl all of them. The term internet style is often wont to describe {the style|the planning|the look} method regarding the front-end (client side) design of a web site together with writing price. internet style part overlaps internet engineering within the broader scope of internet development. internet designers ar expected to possess associate degree awareness of usability and if their role involves making price then they’re additionallyexpected to be up so far with internet accessibility pointers.Web Designing training in hyderabad kukatpally
Although internet style incorporates a fairly recent history, it will be joined to alternative areas like graphic style. However, internet style may be seen from a technological position. it’s become an oversized a part of people’s everyday lives. it’s arduous to imagine the net while not animated graphics, completely different forms of typography, background, and music. for more info click here.

Web Designing Course Content

01. Introduction to internet

  • LAN, WAN, World Wide Web(www)
  • HTML, Browser, IP Address
  • URL, Server, Client0

2. Hypertext markup language

  • HTML Tags, Text enhancement tags
  • Definition Lists, META tag, Hyperlink
  • Inserting Images in web page
  • Image Mapping, Forms, Table, Frame
  • HTML formatting, List, Headings, Attributes

03. Working with CSS

  • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
  • External Style sheet, Internal style sheet
  • CSS Rules, Creating a New CSS Rule
  • Working with External CSS Files
  • Using Dreamweaver Style Sheet
  • Formatting CSS Code
  • Understanding CSS Page Layout
  • Creating a Webpage with CSS Layout
  • Working with AP Div. Elements

04.Introduction to Dreamweaver

  • About Dreamweaver Interface
  • Creating New WebPages
  • Creating New Blank Webpage
  • Creating New Template Webpage
  • Saving and Closing a Web page
  • Setting up Dreamweaver Sites
  • Understanding Local and Remote Folder Structure,
  • Using the Manage Sites Dialog-Box

05. Working with Web Pages

  • Designing Your First Webpage
  • Creating a Heading, Adding Fonts
  • Adding Paragraphs and Line Breaks
  • Adding Images, Setting Page Properties
  • Appearance, Links,
  • Title/Encoding,Tracing Image
  • Working with Links
  • About Document Location and Paths

06. Working with Tables and Frames

  • Creating HTML Tables, Merging and Splitting
  • Table, Cells, Formatting Multiple Cells in a Table
  • Controlling Cell Options, Sorting Table Data
  • Understanding HTML Frames
  • Creating Frames in Dreamweaver
  • Creating Dive in Dreamweaver

07. Working with Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Working with Images, Creating
  • Transforming the Selections
  • Drawing, Painting and Retouching Tools,
  • Layers, Creating Banner Using Photoshop
  • Creating buttons and Logos
  • Create a website image using Photoshop
  • Creating web layout with Photoshop

08. Introduction to flash

  • Introduction to Flash
  • Getting Started with Drawing Tools
  • Working with Objects and Text
  • Animation using Timeline
  • Creating motion Tween, classic Tween
  • Embedding flash in HTML page
  • Menu and Button creation in flash
  • Flash banner creation
  • Introduction to action script

09. Introduction to java script

  • What is java script
  • Embedding JavaScript to HTML
  • Data types and variables
  • Operators in JavaScript
  • Conditional and looping
  • Validations
  • Math Functions, Array Functions
  • Date Functions, String Functions Window history

10. Assignment

  • Create a website using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash

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